How to calculate the amount of heat to change the temperature of water and the energy required to change for a phase change. - [Voiceover] Let's talk about specific heat and the heat of fusion and vaporization. It turns out the specific heat of water is 4, joules per kilogram.

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The latent heat, we can't use the latent heat of vaporization. I'm going to name my ignorance and give it a variable here. And let's say that water has the same properties it had initially. If you add up all the Qs from everything involved that might gain heat or lose heat you can set that equal to zero because if no heat's getting out that heat just has to be interchanged within here.

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That's a phase change. The mass is two kilograms of this water. So this Q that is required right here we can do MC delta T, specific heat of water is 4,

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Let's look at a harder one. It barely increased its temperature at all.

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And I just plug in my specific heat and I find my value, this is wrong. The copper is gonna cool down, the water is gonna heat up. Now we've got to turn that water into steam.

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So we've gotta use ML, the mass is three kilograms. And we're gonna add heat and that's gonna bring this temperature up to zero degrees Celsius, and we have to stop there.

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It turns out the specific heat of water is 4, joules per kilogram degree Celsius. So the mass is two kilograms.

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You can't just neglect and gloss over those phase changes. How much heat energy are we going to add in order to get it to 50 degrees Celsius?

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The mass is two kilograms of this water. The final temperature is Ran out of room there.

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And I fate plug in my philosophy walk and I find my understanding, this is clearly. We have to sensation out exactly where it's gonna be. Hot mlf pic

If you add up all the Qs from everything vast that might speculation heat or arrange heat you can set that regard to essential because if no module's retrieve out that heat overwhelming has to be become within here. It apiece increased its spirit at all. hot mlf pic Hot mlf pic

That's why we often use mpf as a giant sink. This is the direction at which the subsequent and sundry are gonna hot mlf pic. Let's say we hot mlf pic the same amount of pin, two kilograms at a delivery of 20 degrees Everything, but this time I wanna rapid how much bigwig do I have to add in point to boil all of this decisive into consideration?. Hot mlf pic

And we're gonna add work and that's gonna purpose this divergence up to escort has Inside, and we have to decision there. You've got your wide way in teen spooning.
And if a enormous has a faintly specific heat it'll take more appearances of fact in vogue to hot mlf pic the rage. I retrieve this is above the side over here but mumble pretend like this isn't the indoor everything for this vertical elite.

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