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The free ride program begins on at 10 p. The offer is only available for passengers heading home.


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Richmond's pedicab service, Spoken4 will also off free rides, courtesy of courtesy of attorney Joseph McGrath and Lion's Paw Development. But why do we do it?


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The early Romans also celebrated the new year in March, with the calendar year beginning on March 1 - roughly the beginning of planting season. McLaughlin On the stroke of midnight, the fireworks will soar in the sky, and drunkards will tunelessly belt out their rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne' making up the words because they cannot remember past the first verse. January 1, again, was the first day of the year.

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The Gregorian calendar, the brainchild of Pope Gregory XIII and Jesuit astronomer Christopher Clavius, deducted 10 days from the year, and established the new rule that only one of every four centennial years should be a leap year. PJ and movie marathon picking favourite movies of and a pizza of course! The bike taxi fleet will be running from 8 p. The days of the month would probably be more obvious without a few Roman gods and emperors thrown in the mix.

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New Year's Day was not always celebrated on January 1. Uber expects to provide more than 15 million rides this New Year's Eve, and says the busiest and most-expensive time will be midnight to 3 a. Resolutions will be made to be broken only days - or hours - later.

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Theresa May will be grateful for her political survival after a difficult year, and America will raise a toast to its own survival after a year of Donald Trump. Ideas include a facial, foot scrub, massage, pedicures and more! Plan something unique each month or find a good cause to support or serve on a regular basis.

Nearly spent shotgun and handgun shell casings were found in the backyard of a Kenner home, leading to. Dec 27, - This FREE Safe Ride Home guide is brought to you by San Francisco's very own Beahm Law. Beahm Law Defense Attorneys have been. Vancouver police are seeking a federal offender who did not return to his halfway house on New Year's Eve. Chad Patrick Poitras,

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Thanks for the idea iambaker. It's going to really kick off after 5 p.


The early Romans also celebrated the new year in March, with the calendar year beginning on March 1 - roughly the beginning of planting season. As Time magazine notes, the old March-start calendars have been " hidden in plain sight ":



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    She says the Shockoe Bottom pub is expecting a big crowd, but her staff will also be on the lookout for people who have had one too many.

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