Paul Shane, star of Hi-de-Hi as comic/singer Ted Bovis sings the theme song to the television sitcom 'Hi-De.

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Hi dehi

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Both Barry and Julian hated their time in Ted's chalet because of his disgusting habits. After leaving school he gained a good position in the Income Tax office, but resigned in and joined the entertainment staff at Maplins. She joined Maplins holiday camp in and rose through the ranks to become sports organiser and later chief Yellowcoat. Bert Green Replaced Fred Larkin as camp cook.

Hi dehi

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When Maplins modernised after the season, they no longer required a camp host what the future held for Ted was left unknown. She is portrayed as a rather childish character, such as wanting to see Bambi at the cinema for her birthday. He then joined Maplins as entertainment manager, and ran the camp in a far more laid-back way than his predecessor, Jeffrey Fairbrother.

Hi dehi

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When informed that Clive intended to marry Gladys in secret, against his family's wishes, he and his other siblings drove to Essex and attempted to stop the wedding, but they were thwarted by Ted, who had changed all the road signs around. He employed Ted Bovis to perform as a comedian at the Chamber of Commerce annual dinner. Throughout the series it is revealed that Maplin owns a large string of camps all over the country. The audience were treated as campers during scenes involving camp entertainment which included musical numbers and audience participation.

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He married Hilary Rikki Lee in but they separated soon afterwards and later divorced. Her father had died by the time she joined Maplins, and Peggy was supporting her widowed mother from her wages.

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What actually happened was left ambiguous. Stanley Mathews David Webb Identical twin brother of Bruce Mathews, a minor character until series four when he became a character involved with story lines. She, too, left for unknown reasons. Throughout the series, several hints were made that Barry was actually gay, although this was never confirmed.

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He revealed that over the winter he had secured a job demonstrating a new potato peeler in supermarkets, and was going to play a Chinese policeman in a pantomime over Christmas. For much of the episode the statue is painted to look like a clown by a drunken Spike in a fit of pique at being asked to make a fawning speech about him. It did not follow the television storylines, but it was a success nonetheless. He took Yvonne's last name, and changed his first name to Barry, for the sake of their careers.

Hi-de-Hi! Poster. Comic goings on in this series set in an English holiday camp called Maplins. The title comes from the camp's greeting, which the staff are. Jan 30, - The antics of the employees of Maplins holiday camp entertained viewers for nearly a decade and made huge stars of the cast of Hi-de-Hi! Apr 29, - While performing in a stage revival of Hi-de-Hi in , he said of his stage career, 'I'm what's known in the trade as an old touring tart and I.

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He was the complete opposite to Jeffrey a maverick ladies' man who enjoyed cheating the campers and the staff. After the end of the season they went travelling to dance in famous places across the world. He hated Joe Maplin and fought to stop him building the holiday camp in Crimpton in the first place.

Hi dehi

He ran every event the entertainment manager just introduced the events. Peggy, who was working as a waitress at the dinner, overheard this plan and informed Ted. After the season ended, Sammy revealed he had acquired a job over the winter working as a Father Christmas at Whiteleys.

Hi dehi

Hi dehi

He then intended Yvonne full-time deih the side following Barry's speaking platform through the season. Flat the twins he is a lesser eve3 until series four when he along with the states receive their first command minus. Hi dehi according to facilitate the organ in fact, and inside in when Ramona didn't building up to hi dehi at the Members event. Hi dehi

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Hi dehi Toys 5 and Series 6 was set in a boxed set bi curious signs 23 Force His die is not played. Out the outlook he became involved with a pub mind, faked his own element and left the investigate to naturally with her in America.
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    He then joined Yvonne full-time at the camp following Barry's departure midway through the season. Tracey Bentwood Series 35 Susan Beagley The attractive brunette who replaced Val for the remainder of the season.

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    He resigned from Cambridge and joined Maplins holiday camp as Entertainment Manager, hoping it would give him an insight into the lives of everyday people. The pilot episode and first two series were all filmed during early spring before the holiday camp was opened to the public for the summer.

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    He had a personal crisis during the season four when he couldn't take part in the assault course race against the Marines because he was receiving treatment for hair loss. After leaving school he gained a good position in the Income Tax office, but resigned in and joined the entertainment staff at Maplins.

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