The historic Heceta Head Lighthouse near Florence is strikingly scenic and the most photographed lighthouse on the Oregon Party on The Coast With A Ghost.

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Heceta head lighthouse haunted

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Bay who stood watch for nineteen hours during the absence of the other keepers, were commended by the Secretary of Commerce for heroic conduct in the rescue and treatment of the young man. Although no official records have been found, there is a grave of an infant girl on the premises. The most plausible explanation is that she is Mrs.

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

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This community college hired a caretaker and was responsible for all the maintenance work, and in exchange, used the house itself as a classroom for its extension classes in coastal studies. Caretakers later found the glass inside had been swept up in a pile by unseen hands. We went and told our Dad, of course, what he had done. Life at Heceta Head became a little more modern and a little less isolated in the s.

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

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The lighthouse tower itself is 56 feet tall and sits feet above sea level. Reportedly some volunteer workers had gone up to the location to do some painting and were spending the night.

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Even though no fire was discovered, the alarm continued to go off. Alexander, who was appointed second assistant in The apparition of this lady has been rumored floating around the grounds, in the attic of the Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast, as well as several other locations on the grounds throughout history. The first head keeper responsible for the light was Andrew P.

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Over time, the mechanism for revolving the lens wore out, and the lens developed a lean of nearly six inches. Most Fresnel lenses installed in U.

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Many times during that week, my dad and the other assistant would not go to the tower alone. Often, this sound is accompanied by cabinets that seem to open and close on their own and flickering lights.

Jul 29, - However, few come here with the idea they'll see a ghost. Twelve miles from Florence, Heceta Head Lighthouse sits on a rocky forested bluff. There is an Oregon Coast Ghost Story about Heceta Head and the Gray Lady. Named for the Spanish sailor Don Bruno Heceta who discovered the location in. Oct 29, - Heceta Head Lighthouse sits along the coast of Yachats and Florence, Oregon. What's so special about this lighthouse? It's said to be among.

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This laughter often echoes through the cliffs and when visitors discover that there is no child on the property, it leads to a high level of discomfort. Perhaps Rue didn't like the color of paint they were using? He turned around and saw a stern, disapproving old lady, Rue, in a long, swishing skirt, coming right for him, not too pleased with his efforts.

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

Frank DeRay, wife of an early lighthouse keeper. Construction of the lighthouse and other structures at Heceta Head began in

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

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  1. Zular says:

    Many believe that she might have been The Gray Lady's child and that is why she is hanging around.

  2. Brak says:

    The woman who is believed to be the mother of the child that passed away has been said to have died of grief unfortunately, to most, this means that she took her own life. In , the Fresnel lens was deactivated for three months as some of the eight brass carriage wheels that rotate the lens were not touching the bed on which they ride.

  3. Tukus says:

    However, she must be pleased now, because the house is now in glorious shape.

  4. Yolar says:

    Although the complete project was said to have taken about 5 years, the light itself was lit for the first time in March of

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