H?rbar?slj?? is one of the poems of the Poetic Edda, found in the Codex Regius and AM I In this poem, the ferryman Harbard and the god Thor compete in a flyting or verbal contest with one other. The ferryman H?rbar?r (Greybeard) is  ?Synopsis · ?Theories · ?References.

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He saw himself in it, and saw, too, how the ferryman had toyed with him and how, for once, his strength was no use to him. This is certainly open to the same accusation as that previously quoted. And you, Harbard, what were you doing meanwhile?


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So is he a god in disguise, or something else? Trivia "Harbard" is one of the names used for Odin. A number of other lines like those above hold clear similarities between the flyting of Harbard and Loki; the detailed knowledge of the deeds and misdeeds of other deities is very characteristic of Loki; so too is the apparent willingness to twist those deeds to mock and embarrass.


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Harbard is said to be another name for the god Odin. Each man for himself. The first, usually known as either the Prose Edda or the Younger Edda is attributed to a single author — Snorri Sturluson.

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Both elements of this verse are far more representative of Odin than Loki: After her death, he is received coldly by both Aslaug and Helga before he takes his leave. He cupped his hands.

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What we are interested in though is the Poetic Edda — an anonymous collection of poems in Old Norse pertaining to mythological and legendary material. This is explained in Season 3 episode 5 by Floki in a conversation with Ragnar. Harbard stepped hurriedly out of the way and the boulder buried itself in the bank beside him.

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Harbard will have a profound effect on Aslaug , Siggy , and Helga , all of whom have had the same dream, presaging his arrival. The old ferryman is far more in line with the trope of the Odinic wanderer — Odin-as-vagabond, wandering the worlds of Norse mythology and meddling.

Apr 1, - It is a vision of something actually happening, far off in Kattegat, where Aslaug and the mysterious wanderer, Harbard, have sex in a field. The ferryman he stood up, and he shouted: "My name is Harbard; I seldom hide it." Harbard (meaning Greybeard in Old Norse) is a wanderer, a mysterious man who is not what he seems. Harbard will have a profound effect on Aslaug, Siggy, and Helga, all of whom have had the same ?Kevin Durand · ?Odin · ?Loki. H?rbar?slj?? is one of the poems of the Poetic Edda, found in the Codex Regius and AM I In this poem, the ferryman Harbard and the god Thor compete in a flyting or verbal contest with one other. The ferryman H?rbar?r (Greybeard) is  ?Synopsis · ?Theories · ?References.

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Such accusations could be particularly damaging in medieval society where proof to counter such slander was not easy to obtain. Mighty love-spells I used on the witches, those whom I seduced from their men; a bold giant I think Hlebard was he gave me a magic staff, and I bewitched him out of his wits. Season 3 He first appears in a dream of Aslaug , Siggy , and Helga , seen as holding a ball of snow on fire with a bleeding hand.


I aroused that lady, wearing gold ornaments, and then I enjoyed her. And yet I killed him, I laid him out lifeless.



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    He cupped his hands. Undoubtedly Odin intends these lines as an insult.

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