Oct 2, - It almost makes you laugh. The idea that Western society is facing "the end of men" almost makes you titter a bit hysterically. It almost makes.

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Hannah rosin the end of men

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Instead, her argument is based on substance and scholarship". Rosin herself admits that the dominance of female breadwinners in Washington DC "is largely because the city has so many poor single mothers". All Rosin can offer is the old gradualist answer.

Hannah rosin the end of men

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Overview[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Rosin makes a passing reference to the ways in which professions or careers associated with women are often devalued, but makes no attempt to deconstruct this mode of thinking. But for the most part she puzzles, as many have before, about women's absence from the boardroom, and their apparent unwillingness to demand the pay rises that their male counterparts achieve.

Hannah rosin the end of men

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Hanna Rosin's The End of Men is yet another version of the old story, but with a twist: She also claims that their presence may be a key to shifting the culture of the workplace as their presence there becomes more established and widespread. Rosin's analysis of the shift in gender roles within American society lead to questioning the validity of this shift. And of the 15 most expanding job categories in the US, 12 are now dominated by women.

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The last piece is absolutel Hanna Rosin, I'm a fan - I subscribe to the fabulous Double X podcast a spin-off of the Slate section that she founded and edits , and her work for the Atlantic is among the most original and insightful long-form pieces. And of the 15 most expanding job categories in the US, 12 are now dominated by women. She states that women find themselves confident and capable in their new roles.

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It is also the case that the majority of those expanding job categories she refers to are in the caring ie relatively low-paid professions, and it is these that underpin the "travelling sisterhood" that supposedly defines the US economy; or, as she puts it, "professional women leave home and enter the work force, creating domestic jobs for other women to fill" not "sisterhood" in the traditional feminist sense then. Sarah's daily routine includes making the family's breakfast before she leaves for work and washing the diapers when she gets back in the evening. Those stories of primitive warrior queens, buxom mother goddesses and tribes of Amazons are no evidence at all that women did once rule the world. Lastly, as a few other reviewers have already commented, I found her discussion of sexual assault and gendered violence extremely reductive.

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Here, jobs which traditionally held male-led jobs are now lost in the face of the recession and recovery of said economy. If this is a budding matriarchy it is a surprisingly poorly paid one.

Sep 13, - “The End of Men”? This is not a title; it is a sound bite. But Hanna Rosin means it. The revolution feminists have been waiting for, she says. The End of Men has ratings and reviews. Kelly said: This is my first goodreads review. I'm writing it because I'm on page 89 and I've almost th. “The End of Men” describes a new paradigm that can, finally, take us beyond 'winners' and 'losers' in an endless 'gender war.' What a relief! Ultimately, Rosin's.

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After that, you know whether you need to spring for the book-length treatise. And that, according to the logic of the stories, is why we now have patriarchy. I'm sure that this was not her intention, but by not questioning or thinking critically about these gendered binaries that she uses to construct her argument, she normalizes them, and I found this tendency quite irritating.

Hannah rosin the end of men

As most anthropologists have recognised for decades, these are cautionary tales invented by men to justify their own dominance. The important point about matriarchy in most of these myths is that the women rulers made a terrible mess of things or they imposed regimes of such terror who would like to be ruled by the Amazons, after all?

Hannah rosin the end of men

Hannah rosin the end of men

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    Lastly, as a few other reviewers have already commented, I found her discussion of sexual assault and gendered violence extremely reductive.

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    So of course there are still obstacles at the top.

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