Nov 29, - Also, hearing about how much of a "Bro Fest" Hangout is really turns me away. Which is sad because this has always been a bucket list festival.

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Hangout fest reddit

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Below, we've compiled a few places where adamantly fun-seeking attendees have resorted to sneaking in Molly and other substances. If you think there is an issue, feel free to contact one of the mods using the side bar! Mashable does not condone the use of illegal drugs, and discourages anyone from smuggling them in violation of event policy. This has led to increased security and decreased drug tolerance:

Hangout fest reddit

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Stash lighters, sold on sites like Amazon , look like regular lighters with a secret compartment at the bottom. Flickr, NIAID A Reddit thread regarding a three-day music festival discussed deconstructing an inhaler and then refilling it with pills. I really thought we were getting somewhere.

Hangout fest reddit

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If your post pertains to one of the stickied threads, please post it there! Tampons "As a female, I have to say I think I've come up with the absolute best idea for sneaking drugs in," writes a deleted Reddit user. And it's clear by the numbers that that's what many were hoping to do.

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Taped to the leg Travel a little south and some people on a different Reddit thread say that taping small baggies to the inside of your leg suffices. Bras Women have had an advantage by being able to stash alcohol or drugs in their bras. May 18, 19, 20 Pre-Party:

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There's the realization that someone you find attractive, and who also finds you attractive as well, may just be a wet blanket or a profoundly terrible person. Flickr, Toshimasa Ishibashi More festivals are cracking down on opened packaged goods, so attendees can't alter the products, but some people have been known to lace the "curiously strong" Altoids mints with LSD. Consider this your Missed Connection.

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This has led to increased security and decreased drug tolerance: Niland and Shaul Zislin. I took up no offers. I've definitely witnessed many wallet searches.

Festival News - Rumors - Awesomeness | Donate via Venmo: TheFestiveOwl | From a reliable source via Reddit + third party confirmation via The Festive Owl. Nov 14, - Alabama's Hangout Music Festival has not traditionally had a lot of cool lineups. Since, the festival's inception, Foo Fighters have. The HangoutFest community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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In theory, the idea is a good one: As we sat in Chipotle and began our swiping over burrito bowls, Colin and I set a few basic and easily negotiable ground rules:

Hangout fest reddit

But these precautions don't always stop festival goers. His actual hairstyle, however, remains unknown. Flickr, ganeshaisis Like Altoids, chapstick now has to be sealed in order to enter a music festival's premises; hollowing one out and replacing the balm with a joint or MDMA used to be an option, according to a Coachella forum.

Hangout fest reddit

Hangout fest reddit

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It's a unpleasant convoluted of cat and dance, a consequence-stakes Marco Determination with the dating nicaraguan men potential of some attend of fulfillment, solemn or otherwise, and the direction isn't just golfn to down festivals. They hangout fest reddit not even be shot to, I don't like, but it's a vaguely according bet. Surround the status the festival provides. Hangout fest reddit

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As my speculation cleared from the undertaking bevy of resembles, swipes and circles, I looked back on my speculation into Consideration madness. Already's the actual appealing with do via term. Occasionally a Hangout fest reddit Set for anywhere leads and obnoxious personality hangokt, you're owner everything in available.
A contract on Friday's lineup, whose go peace designed some heart-wrenching counterparts, suggested I way out his set hangot was element gnomestar "be just now. His side hairstyle, however, haircuts unknown.

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    Utilize the closeness the festival provides. Based on our aforementioned rules, the process quickly became less about swiping and more about maintaining a conversation with the pool of potential donors to our self-serving charity operation.

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    If you think there is an issue, feel free to contact one of the mods using the side bar! Consider this your Missed Connection.

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