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Grocery outlet opp al


A at ALB, Ex. The Court finds that this matter is appropriate for disposition without oral argument and it is hereby deemed submitted. Therefore, this Court need not decide the issue of what standard of proof is appropriate. The non-moving party must "identify with reasonable particularity the evidence that precludes summary judgment.

Grocery outlet opp al

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On April 1, , Grocery Outlet opened its first grocery store under the Lucky mark. Starting in mid and continuing well into , employees at Albertsons were specifically tasked with the plan to convert a number of stores to the Lucky banner in ethnic format in primarily Hispanic neighborhoods. Grocery Outlet maintains that although Albertsons is the registered trademark holder for the Lucky mark, because of its nonuse of the mark, Albertsons has abandoned the Lucky trademark. That is, the Court held that, although it found there was a cessation of use, Albertsons had offered sufficient evidence of its intent to resume use of the Lucky mark within the reasonably foreseeable future during the period of alleged nonuse.

Grocery outlet opp al

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There is sufficient evidence in the record to establish that Albertsons did not act with an intent not to resume use after the sales of inventoried Lucky-branded items. The issue of intent to resume use only arises at the point of cessation of use.

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To publicize the merger, Albertsons developed a "Wedding of the Century" theme for its advertising campaign, indicating that the two stores were being combined into one, with the new name of Albertsons. See Order at , with record cites.

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There is also sufficient evidence indicating valid reasons for delay in the implementation of those plans. Albertsons' use of the mark from the time of its conversion in November through the present time has been somewhat limited.

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In December , Donna Robbins of the Albertsons California Division was directed by CEO Johnston to examine the possibility of using the Lucky mark in a new line of stores targeted at specific ethnic markets. The Court found that although there was some evidence of use after the change of the name of the Lucky stores to adopt the Albertsons' name, it was merely in the sell-off of existing inventory. Albertsons chose to use the name SuperSaver.

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The evidence demonstrates that Albertsons continued to sell Lucky private label products after the conversion. If a mark holder stops using a mark with an intent not to resume its use, the mark is deemed abandoned and "falls into the public domain and is free for all to use The Court sets out briefly the relevant factual history.

Grocery outlet opp al

Albertsons made a concerted effort to remove the vestiges of the old Lucky mark when it converted the Lucky stores to the Albertsons brand. Intent not to resume may be inferred from circumstances.

Grocery outlet opp al

Grocery outlet opp al

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    A concrete "intent to use" is required.

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    There is also sufficient evidence indicating valid reasons for delay in the implementation of those plans. Cumulus Media, F.

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    An issue is "genuine" only if there is sufficient evidence for a reasonable fact finder to find for the non-moving party.

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    Registration 1,,, which was registered on June 6, , and has now become "incontestable. An issue is "genuine" only if there is sufficient evidence for a reasonable fact finder to find for the non-moving party.

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