The Trekkies of BDSM. Literally, people who base their Dominance/submission on the works of John Norman.

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Gorean masters

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You will find men who have mistaken interest in BDSM for being Gorean, who will ask you to come to them so that they might beat and harm you to placate their sadistic fantasies. I will be hot, devoted and dutiful!

Gorean masters


Anyone can mindlessly provide answers, but it requires a unique ability to inspire others to earn their knowledge, creating a better self-image and greater understanding of what they learn. A Gorean Master will reward his slave generously as he sees fit, also to compel obedience and to promote growth in her slavery.

Gorean masters

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Slave rings are common on Gor. The head is held high, but the eyes are downcast.

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Slave Rule Ten - The merest whim of your owner is your highest law. A willingness and ability to provide guidance and understanding on a continual basies.

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I had now given ten to Milo, and had retained five. Tavern Rule Twelve - This rule can only be seen in the room upstairs, wildflowers.. She will naturally test the strength of your will, and the boundaries of her slavery. The hips rest on the feet, which are turned in so as to take the weight off the arches.

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You must be constant and consistent. You will see that many of the terms in parentheses " " are not capitalized, this is purposeful and showing disdain and contempt to those who use these terms for themselves without due regard to the meanings behind them.

The Basics of being a Gorean kajira or kajirus are much more subtle than the mere Slave Rule Two - Serve Every Master or Mistress as if your well being. Posted with consent of the author. This is a re-posting of a writing from a long time Gorean who was also one of the founding members of the. The Trekkies of BDSM. Literally, people who base their Dominance/submission on the works of John Norman.

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You will find "gorean men" online who, using a different nick, are "slaves" to both men and women. This may well take a year or two, if not more, to accomplish.

Gorean masters

It would be next to impossible, for, say, Seremides, to recover them all. To correct or punish when needed regardless of your own thoughts on doing so, its not your feelings they require. His slave is always under his eye, even when serving another free Gorean.

Gorean masters

Gorean masters

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  1. Fesida says:

    The ankles are also crossed, so as to make binding of the hands and feet easy. He will protect his slave from the consequences of his own folly, and see to it that she is suitably corrected when she errs.

  2. Meztigar says:

    The slave lays on the back in a supine position, hands at the sides.

  3. Ferisar says:

    Slave Rule Nine - Slaves possess nothing not given to them by their owner, including their name. He must prove himself inflexible when the situation requires it, and be wise enough to allow some leeway when it, too, is necessary.

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