Naval Air Station Glenview Museum, Glenview, IL. likes. Dedicated to those who served at the Naval Air Station Glenview.

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Glenview nas il

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Two major air races are staged at the airfield in the s: It is a great, family-friendly, destination. In , Rose Wagner, the last surviving member of the Glenview Wagner family, died. As a site for naval air training, Glenview was ideally located.

Glenview nas il

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Although he ejects, his chute apparently fails to deploy and he is killed. By there were contained enlisted women and 12 attached officers. The fighter struck the front of a home in Northbrook , just off the base; a woman escaped out the backdoor and survived.

Glenview nas il

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But then I came to the center of it all, and my eyes popped out a little bit. The Grove houses many animals for visitors to interact with, such as snakes, snapping turtles, and skunks. Over time, the Wagners established their home on the southeast corner of Lake Ave and Wagner Road, in the heart of what is present-day Glenview. In their place is The Glen, a 1, acre mixed-use district, with new homes, offices, and retail space, although the control tower and Hangar 1 have been preserved as a historic building.


The most frequently spotted birds in Glenview include robins , sparrows , cardinals , crows , Canada geese , mallard ducks , various hawks and eagles , and occasionally great horned owls. Since then, much of the base property had been idle. By , "Chicago" was deleted from the air station's title and the installation renamed NAS Glenview.

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HML was deactivated in The plane buried itself six feet into the ground and Pickens was killed. Two major air races are staged at the airfield in the s:

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The jet crashed into the center of the street, and the only damage on the ground was fire damage to the front of 2 houses and a few trees were burned. It operates a number of seaplanes from the shore facilities of nearby Lake Michigan.

Feb 5, - Classic photos of Naval Air Station Glenview taken by Chicago Tribune May, Aerial view of the NAS Glenview, which will be open for. Served in this Installation? Find People you served with from NAS Glenview IL. Join TWS for Free Today! Aug 27, - The Navy air base at Glenview dates back to , when it opened as “The Hangar One Foundation, NAS Glenview's historical agency, had.

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It operates a number of seaplanes from the shore facilities of nearby Lake Michigan. In , the farm had over 54, visitors. As a result, naval planners opted to transfer primary flight training to multiple Naval Reserve Air Bases around the country and use NAS Pensacola for advanced training.

Glenview nas il

These skills were readily proven when squadrons and personnel were mobilized and recalled back to active duty during the Korean War and the Berlin Crisis. Key documents relating to the redevelopment process. He crashed into the garden of Stanley Antes, who was working in the garden at the time.

Glenview nas il

Glenview nas il

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    This is, as the site commentator notes, a pretty ridiculous waste of money when you know your base is closing soon.

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    The Grove is an area of prairie that contains an interpretive center, historic buildings, and nature trails. The Navy air base at Glenview dates back to , when it opened as Curtiss Field — intended to be the central hub for Chicago area air travel, and equipped with every modern amenity.

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