Dating apps almost killed off gay bars, but Helsinki is still proud to boast the hottest gay nightlife in the Baltic Sea region.

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Gay helsinki

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The building is absolutely stunning made out of wood with three levels of terraces overlooking the sea. I love the light colors!

Gay helsinki

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The building itself is really neat, sort of like a giant wooden egg or maybe a funnel. This was a good place for me to rest from the brutal Finnish cold.

Gay helsinki

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The event took place during the Pori Jazz festival, which meant great music and company for all. We went from the sauna to the pool six times, we heard that was the standard amount. It is one of the largest in Northern Europe and is open every night, all year round! During the week, there are lots of great free events.

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Seriously, every space we visited the entire time we were there was designed perfectly. We also add some locations and names so you can easily check them out on Google Maps. Up in northeast Helsinki there are more bars and clubs but they are less known and definitely more out-of-the-way. We hopped on the train at the airport and got off at the Helsinki Central Train Station, hungry and tired.

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You can find it all over in all kinds of varieties. It is located a further south from the other central gay bars.

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We had pillows, super soft blankets and a good amount of legroom to accommodate my 6-foot frame. Gay Helsinki Clubs Gay Helsinki is not very big and there are only a handful of dedicated gay clubs and bars to choose from. The prison-themed hotel Katajanokka.

Klaus K Hotel is proudly a gay friendly hotel. We have a zero-tolerance to any discrimination and we want to take into consideration all kinds of guests. Helsinki should immediately come to mind when planning a gay Europe vacation. Helsinki is a year-round destination with summer and winter activities. The only gay sauna in Finland. Sauna Vogue is located in the 5th floor of the building at Sturenkatu 27 a, Helsinki Finland.

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There is just a sense of remarkable calm upon entering. For instance I would like to go to more gay bars and try out the gay beach and definitely try more Finnish food. Gay Helsinki But you want to know about gay Helsinki.

Gay helsinki

For instance I would like to go to more gay bars and try out the gay beach and definitely try more Finnish food. Klaus K Hotel, hotel which concept and decoration was inspired by the Finnish national epic: Personally I like that Finland is so relaxed on nudity and I think this is a great secluded place to hang with other gays.

Gay helsinki

Gay helsinki

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    There are theaters, art museums, churches, architecture, Finnish food, saunas, a metro, a tram system, sports stadiums, universities, thousands of lakes and hundreds of islands.

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