Mar 21, - Check out these fantastic Cards Against Humanity alternatives that offer a bit In terms of games that use the “pair-a-card-with-another-card”.

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Games like cards against humanity

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Or maybe you have a picture prominently featuring a nose, and you might choose the clue "A rose by any other name," and anyone who remembers that the next line is "would smell just as sweet" would probably vote correctly. Watch a video about this game here.

Games like cards against humanity

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Moreover, there are six different ways of playing the game, which means that the deck has a lot more functionality than CAH. The one with highest points will become Master in the next round.

Games like cards against humanity


This is a review that we present you to understand this particular game. You can play it on PlayStation, which is convenient if you have in mind that most of these games that we have stated above are not available for this particular console. Rules are pretty simple; the first player picks a card and asks a question to another player, while other play pulls cart in the answer decks in the best and funniest style. The judge selects a card with a topic question, such as "What's the best movie of all time?

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If you're looking for games functionally similar to CAH, but that have a more inclusive flavor, check out the following games! How to Play A trivia question is asked in each round, and the game is played in 7 rounds. By that I mean, in Mobscenity the player who's turn it is plays down two word cards from normal words to form a new slang word.

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Connect yourself through Wi-Fi connection and wait for others to do the same to start the game. So who do you think is a better romantic partner for Elsa from Frozen? The game is slightly more complicated than CAH, but in a good way.

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An Xbox Live adaptation was released in of the same game. It combines the elements of puzzle and party games and what is the most important; it is available to play on Android devices. You can watch how the game is played here. Yell at your friends until they do what you need or suffer your demise.

Jan 2, - I admit I like to grade by context and announce this. That's what I'm getting at here when I say Cards Against Humanity is shit. Still, there are games with similar mechanics that if you liked Cards Against Humanity but. Mar 21, - Check out these fantastic Cards Against Humanity alternatives that offer a bit In terms of games that use the “pair-a-card-with-another-card”. There are hundreds of games that you can play at a party, say anything from beer pong, quarters, to Cards Against Humanity. For those who wish to play games.

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Video about games like cards against humanity:

The remaining deck is passed on to the next team. You might be surprised by what you find there!

Games like cards against humanity

Now this is where it gets tricky. The Voting Game Find out who your friends when this game forces you to single each other out.

Games like cards against humanity

Games like cards against humanity

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  1. Aragal says:

    It comes with excellent mechanics and fantastic gameplay. For example, the judge's character might be a surfer, and the cards drawn by person 1 might be "wonder" and "bag," and they'd attempt to sell the surfer a bag of wonders, and justify how this is applicable to the surfer's character.

  2. Dougami says:

    Bucket of Doom lets you live out these far-fetched situations and tasks you with escaping them by using a deck of item cards, some common, some fantastical, and others hilariously useless.

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