Party games: from musical chairs and blind man's buff to consequences and pin the tail on the donkey. Here is the Telegraph guide to fun games for the family.

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Games for freshers party

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Freshers should engage with these games; they should feel inclusive not forced to participate. The lipstick kisses are counted. One player is blindfolded and must try to pin a needle with cut out lips on it on the picture.

Games for freshers party

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Think about and ask questions such as the following of the pairs. Act like a Bhojpuri actor for a minute. Many Colored Balloons Garland As suggested by the name, this game involves the use of many colored balloons. For each correct kiss the player gets a point.

Games for freshers party

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In these 5 minutes, they have to wash and clean the car given to them. Guide Each Other Declare an area to play the game, minimum width of that area being at least 25 meters. Mummified Get the toilet role and mummify your partner, one who drapes partner better wins.

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Or, like a treasure hunt, you can provide clues they need to interpret to complete certain tasks. Not-so-dumb Charades Charades have always been a party savior. Each player picks a picture out of the pot and must find the other half.

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This list we have come up with consists of many unique and fun games some of which you may not have ever heard of. How will you convince a person to buy a pen from your shop?

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Without these games, guests at your party are bound to get super-bored and make a beeline for the nearest door. Moving on, if freshers party games start with questions and ends with questions for freshers, it tends to become really boring. To make the game difficult, you could also ask the players to spell the words backwards.

Throw out all the cliched items and find something new for your college freshers party. A great list of freshers party tasks, Challenging games for freshers party. Here we bring to you some funny ragging tasks for freshers party games to bring on some fun and life to the party. Imitate your favourite celebrity. Do a dubsmash challenge on the kiki song. Lick the wall seductively. Drink a pint of beer in a minute. Gulp down a spoonful of Tobasco sauce. Ask out someone on a date. List of some creative best funny games and events ideas for the Indian college freshers party., such as themes party, dress up party, pictionary, photography.

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The tagger then has to tag everyone else in the pool. One who gets the best shot wins the competition.

Games for freshers party

Everyone gets a chance to be the tagger. Have you ever lied to your parents? Better they perform wins more points.

Games for freshers party

Games for freshers party

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    The Loving Statues Many pairs are sent out of the room. After everyone has had one turn at tagging, see who has scored the most.

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