Gabriel of Urantia, Tubac, AZ. likes ∑ 14 talking about this. Gabriel of Urantia is a cultural visionary; spiritual leader, social and political.

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Gabriel urantia


It's about to be 'upstepped. August 4, Dear Copyright Agent: What do we expect?

Gabriel urantia

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I would be even happier if you live outside the United States! On the other hand, it is also a matter of principle ó and history.

Gabriel urantia

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Delevin reportedly routinely predicted global disasters, earthquakes, floods and "distortion waves" that would cause chaos in cities with over 20, in population. Duane Faw, a retired Marine Corps general, recalled Delevin from the early s. It was then that Delevin claimed he was contacted by "celestial beings.

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It's fed my soul in so many ways. Their common thread is the desire for a life of integrity, sustainability, simplicity, and harmony, as they work to align themselves with the divine patterns of life on earth.

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Son Light Ministries [ N. Sometimes we have the responsibility to be a judge, but discernment comes first and then the judgment, if needed.

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Gabriel of Urantia was born on July 5, , in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Where all people share their abilities and talents for the common good of all.

Global Community Communications Alliance, a temple community and ashram founded in in Prescott, Arizona by Gabriel of Urantia (born Anthony J. May 20, - The Urantia Book expands more of who Jesus is." Once lived in Tucson. A Pittsburgh native who was raised Catholic, Gabriel lived in Tucson. I found The Book of Urantia through my own independent studies online. Gabriel claims no association with The Urantia Book Foundation or.

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The former Pentecostal street preacher also made music with his very own choir called "Bright and Morning Star" and peddled its CDs and his various books through New Age bookstores and on the Internet. In the media became interested in Tony Delevin and his followers because of the parallels between his "Aquarian Concepts Community" and " Heaven's Gate ," a cult that a man named Marshall Applewhite led to mass suicide. I just had to write this out.

Gabriel urantia

So always keep a sense of eternity. Your soul keeps the beat. This chronology presents an overview of educational experience and personally meaningful ministry, a brief record of my U.

Gabriel urantia

Gabriel urantia

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    If you can't do that, we love you dearly but you have to leave," said Santeen, Gabriel's second-in-command. Wisdom is the application of learned virtue over centuries with astral learned decision making of circumstantial reality.

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    Weeks predicted that Gabriel will "inevitably end in disaster" and that "so many innocents, who just wanted to belong somewhere, will go down with him.

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    I'd never found something that spoke the truth so plainly. The former Pentecostal street preacher also made music with his very own choir called "Bright and Morning Star" and peddled its CDs and his various books through New Age bookstores and on the Internet.

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    International interest in the group began in , when it was first featured on an Italian television show. Agatha Von Trapp became a personal spiritual mentor.

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    The son of a steelworker Delevin once studied theology at Duquesne University and was a charismatic Catholic.

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