May 2, - super sorority sayings BY CHAPTER for tee shirts & crafts! Bid day apparel and big/little crafts need special slogans unique for each chapter!

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Funny sorority sayings

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The consensus, if there is one, is that Chi Omega is respected but not necessarily exalted among sororities. What's the difference between a sorority girl and the Titanic? They have a reputation for behaving like daddy's little princess but their top-tier reputation is intact across the country.

Funny sorority sayings

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What do you get when cross a lawyer with a sorority girl?? There is usually a six to eight week period for new pledges to assess whether the sorority is the right fit.

Funny sorority sayings

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The reputation of Zetas ranges depending on who you talk to, but "party girls" is a fairly common descriptor; the less charitable have compared Zetas to the cast of the Jersey Shore. DDDs tend to be heavily invested in philanthropy, and would prefer to be labeled "classy" over "fun to party with," although they do not want to be considered boring.


Some sororities are more social than others, hosting parties and events while others are more low-key. Did you hear about the new sorority girl doll? She drops her nail file. Some consider them to be the quintessential sorority, in both a good and a bad way.

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Unlike some other top-tier sororities, Kappa Delta members do not have the reputation for being all clones or princesses, but they do all tend to be popular and social. Choosing a Sorority A general image is dangerously close to a stereotype.

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Kappa Delta Kappa Delta "KD" is considered an up-and-coming sorority, one that has risen to the top-tier in terms of reputation in recent decades. Girls who pledge with DG are usually very happy when they are accepted into the fold. They take sisterhood seriously and try not to get caught up in drama, which might lead to the sentiment that they're aloof and snobbish. What do you call sorority girls sun-bathing on a beach in Cuba?

For the record, I am not going to say whether I was in a sorority, if members of my campuses they have different names, but in any case, I think they are funny. We can custom make any shirt for homecoming and even recruitment. Whether you want funny recruitment slogans or homecoming sayings for posters, you can. Aug 19, - Staci [email protected] Happy Initiation Day to my sweet little, @Brandi_Niday!! I love you so much! Hope you like your presents!

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This stereotype may, however, be sour grapes on the part of other sororities with inferiority complexes. What's the difference between a sorority girl and the Titanic? Most sororities include philanthropic activities, which can range from working with local non-profits to fundraising or helping maintain the sorority house and grounds.

Funny sorority sayings

I don't know, but when it sucks your cock, it does't stop until it gets blood. Just about everyone knows at least one KD they really like and one KD they really hate.

Funny sorority sayings

Funny sorority sayings

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    I don't know, but when it sucks your cock, it does't stop until it gets blood. After you use a toilet it doesn't follow you around for three days.

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    Although Zetas are often committed to philanthropy and successful fundraisers, they have a reputation for only accepting white girls. The consensus, if there is one, is that Chi Omega is respected but not necessarily exalted among sororities.

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    There is only so much an ape can be forced to do This description may be related to two stereotypes about them:

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