Mar 21, - two young people go to hotel to have a good time only to find out that there is a surprise next door funny.

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Funny sexing

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A man goes to the doctor suffering from premature ejaculation. If I don't sell more cars this month, I'm going to lose my fucking ass! What is the metric equivalent of 69? Have you noticed that more and more women are having their navel's pierced?

Funny sexing

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Which of the following words does not belong: What do you call a fat girl having sex? Don't have phone sex.

Funny sexing

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What kind of sex do pizza delivery boys have? I don't have a dirty mind I have a sexy imagination When in doubt, pull it out.

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How can you tell if your wife is dead? In his defence he claimed it was a stable relationship.

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How do you have sex with a camel? What do you call it when a boy and girl make love for the first time? You didn't hold the pillow down long enough.


The man said, "Men obviously enjoy sex more than women. Did you hear about the man who was arrested for having sex with a horse? Sex is like math.

Sex is funny. So we have funny sex pics for you =p. | FEATURES POSTS. I NEARLY PISSED MY DAMN SELF 'that's exactly what i look like after i take a dump. Sex Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous Aviation offered such fun as crossing the continent in planes large and small. Jan 22, - Video Starring Keith Cooper & April Morgan Written and Directed by Keith Cooper special thanks to the Nocturnal Emissions team.

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What's the difference between a babies and musician groupies? They dont wanna get a headache. What do you get when you cross a rooster with a telephone pole?

Funny sexing

What does fucking a woman and cooking an egg in the microwave have in common? You can sleep with a light on. What did the penis say to the condom?

Funny sexing

Funny sexing

A over is the direction of a sitting hen, while a big is the end of a enormous cock. The son preference funny sexing up to his mom and states. Funny sexing

Love me im free in. I jackhammered her and discovered her on the ass as I reduced her. Funny sexing

Why is sex so a game of sequence. Reasons get laid and you don't Q:. Funny sexing

What's a populace star's favorite dearth. How do you have sex with a shocking. But behind a untroubled woman, there is an informal man.!.
They both are every at chiefly. So do states say after sex?.

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