This funny saying was her way of warning us about the danger of joining the Definition of Gangster; Different Types of Gangsters. Mafia. Mafia Nicknames.?Different Types of Gangsters иа?Mafia иа?Hispanic Gangs иа?Biker Nicknames.

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Funny mafia nicknames

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For example, assume your gang as a group of specialized gangsters and the names could be the Mr. Though not always, it reflects your personality and communicates some emotions when the name is heard, irrespective of whether it represents you aptly or not. There are also the Nazi Party and the Skinheads.

Funny mafia nicknames

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This was an ugly, grubby existence, one of; drive-by shootings, gang violence, drug abuse and violence against women. They indulge in petty theft, graffiti daubing and hurling sexist insults at women. Your name should beef up your personal appearance just by making you sound tougher!

Funny mafia nicknames

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For example, Thugs, Bang, etc. Show 'em who's boss with a nickname that says, "You better do as I say, or else!


Sometimes that sense of humor manifests itself in an incredibly violent fashion, like cutting somebody up into little pieces, placing those pieces in a gym bag, and throwing them in to the Hudson River - but sometimes they just give each other really funny nicknames. For example, assume your gang as a group of specialized gangsters and the names could be the Mr. A smaller and crisp name is easy to call out and remember.

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Plentifun Staff Last Updated: With the help of these factors you can coin new names and discuss them with your friends and if they like it go for it.

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Gangsta rap was losing its voice. Gangster Music Gangsta rap is hip-hop music that is inspired by the violence of inner-city slums in the s. What would your mafia nickname be? Kitty and any other kind of cat!

Mafia Nicknames funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. When it comes to funny nicknames, the mafia has it covered. These are the best mafia nicknames (which basically means the funniest mafia nicknames) around! Feb 5, - Check out this list of gangster nicknames for guys and girls, With that said, here's a list of our favorite gangster, mobster, and mafia style names to give you . its funny that my nickname " Kitty " popped up here XD.

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Given below are certain factors that would help you come up with apt gangster names for yourself and your friends. For example, King of Crime or Captain Crime, etc. It can be quite unique to have these names as nicknames, by which your friends or loved ones can call you at times.

Funny mafia nicknames

Loot and so on. Become a Contributor Funny Gangster Names While gangsters are undeniably the 'bad guys', they however, like to keep their appellation on a lighter note. Mob bosses aren't messing around with nicknames, as evidenced by the creativity and imagination popping off the list of nicknames given to the most colorful characters in all of organized crime.

Funny mafia nicknames

Funny mafia nicknames

Loot and so on. For or, Squash, Bang, etc. A lesser and crisp name is precisely to call out and dance. Funny mafia nicknames

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Mzfia the very departure off necessary there's anything to do about the invariable, it's mixit2 that. For bite, Thugs, Bang, etc. Plentifun Far Outside Updated:.

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    Are you the kingpin of the group or merely a pawn?

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    The above factors play an important role in creating an identity of the funny gangster name you wish to have. Loot and so on.

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