Mar 27, - To plan a funeral or memorial services, learn about funeral etiquette for Only very close friends of the deceased and the immediate family are.

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Funeral etiquette long distance

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My dad has indicated he'd like me there, but he's not pushing it or anything. In these cases, you will have to use your best judgment. The grieving family is often hesitant to take up general offers because they feel they may be imposing. Attending a funeral comes with its own set of rules of behaviour, from what we wear to what we say and do.

Funeral etiquette long distance

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Lastly, the weather could mess everything up. The etiquette for driving in a funeral procession is fairly simple: Do I have to wear black to a funeral? The key thing is to let the family know that you care - they may know you well, they may barely know who you are, but they will appreciate if you keep your words simple, respectful and share positive memories.

Funeral etiquette long distance

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Financially it would hurt my wife and me and flying essentially two days in a row with a red eye flight is awful. You knew the person perhaps not well and would like to pay your respects to the family. An example of this would be a difficult or complicated family situation where there is ill will. It's not natural to outlive your child.


What would you do? For more information on Telegraph Financial Solutions click here. So I would leave Saturday and with how flights work, likely fly back Monday. That said though I'm feeling pretty ty about not attending.

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Here are our top rules for funeral etiquette to follow: Funeral processions generally have the right of way at intersections, and other vehicles should yield. But it would be unusual for someone to skip the funeral of someone with whom they had this kind of bond.

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The actual public services are 2 hours total. Should you take your children to a visitation or memorial service? Leave your phone alone So many of us are wedded to our smartphones, but a funeral is a time where we should take time to switch off from work, news and daily stuff and take some time to do some reflection. What to do at a funeral Keep your words and actions simple Knowing what to say and do at a funeral can be tricky.

Funerals today range from the rigidly ritualistic to the extremely informal. Don't let fear of the unknown keep you from attending funeral services. Even if the. Dec 30, - Hi- I have lurked alot on this board but this will be my first post. Here goes My grandmother passed away this a.m. She lived in Seattle as. Jun 8, - Stay on top of funeral etiquette tips with The Telegraph. early, in time to show support and greet the mourners, is a good way to show respect.

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Your attendance at the service would be disruptive or distracting to any member of the immediate family. Be as respectful toward an urn as you would be toward a casket bearing the remains of your loved one. Photography should be done only with the permission of the family.

Funeral etiquette long distance

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