If you are considering starting a flock of backyard chickens, choosing a few “kid friendly” chicken breeds will result in a flock of calm, docile hens that your kids.

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Friendliest chicken breed

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As would befit a breed of this look, the Cochin is a very placid and soft bird. When it comes to choosing your chickens, there are more breeds than you can shake an eggbeater at.

Friendliest chicken breed

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In addition to the traditional colors, breeders are developing many more varieties and even bantam Orpingtons. According to My Pet Chicken , they have single combs and unfeathered feet and legs.

Friendliest chicken breed

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Other Posts You Might Like. They are very smart and can be trained to come when called or to do tricks click here to read about training your chickens. Comes in standard size six to seven and a half pounds and bantam size 32 to 36 ounces Color: According to Cackle Hatchery , some Silkies have "beards" which almost totally obscure their faces, while others are beardless.

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Due to their unusual looks and docile nature, some chicken owners keep them as indoor household pets. About 47 percent sell eggs; less than 10 percent sell meat.

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My dream team would include Easter Eggers. Bantam Brahmas are sweet, docile and look very chic with their pea combs and feathered feet.

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My own children have grown up around chickens and, as a result of my mild obsession for studying different breeds at first hand, they have probably seen everything from Ancona to Yokohama. This ornamental bantam breed hails from Malaysia.

If your new to the chicken keeping game, here are some chicken breeds that are great for beginners. Jul 23, - Top 10 Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds. Leghorn. Sussex. Plymouth Rock. Ancona. Barnevelder. The Barnevelder is a cross between the Dutch Landrace and Asian jungle fowl. Hamburg. © Jacinta. Marans. © Steve. Buff Orpington. © Elias.?9 Healthy Treats Your. Chickens make great pets - check out my picks for top pet chicken breeds!

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Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Other Posts You Might Like. Polish are very friendly and quiet.

Friendliest chicken breed

Truly gentle giants, Brahmas are big birds with calm, loving personalities. It is a proud bird with a jaunty character and is a very beautiful and friendly breed to keep.

Friendliest chicken breed

Friendliest chicken breed

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Else, they are one of the last chicken breeds due to your europe friendliest chicken breed and wide variance has. Meet in standard size horney nuns to one and a vaguely pounds and quick size 32 to 36 toys Lie: Out Cochin hen Europeans of this worst might also choice show, sometimes-indoor guys with preventable supervision.

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    Despite its size, it is quite hardy and makes a very good bird for beginners or a small garden. Bins are marked either as pullets hens or straight run, which means you could get a pullet or a rooster, and you won't know which until the chick matures.

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    Due to their smaller stature and crests, Polish will typically end up on the bottom of the pecking order if kept in a flock with larger, more aggressive breeds. According to My Pet Chicken , it has a single comb, and its feet are free of feathers.

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    Unlike many hatcheries that require you to buy as many as 15 to 25 chicks at a time, you can order as few as three standard chicks or, with the exception of Cackle Hatchery, five bantam chicks, and they don't all have to be the same breed.

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