Sep 5, - If your vagina could smile, it would -- if you're keeping it healthy that is. Just like any part of the body, keeping a healthy vagina means taking.

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Fresh vajina

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Similarly, some women spend money on douches, or the process of steaming their genital areas , even though both of these can be harmful as well. Otherwise, if you're showering every day, your vagina probably smells and tastes great. You may like to consider wearing a breathable liner and change a few times a day to help you feel fresh. Is thick, white discharge everyday ok?

Fresh vajina

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Is thick, white discharge everyday ok? Or maybe, you're standing in a drugstore wondering why scented vagina sprays and flavored lubes exist if we were meant to taste regular. Feminine hygiene aisles are stocked with sprays, wipes and powders that we use to soak up moisture and extend our fresh-out-of-the-shower flavourless-ness. According to Women's Health , garlic, alcohol, dairy, spices, broccoli, asparagus and red meat which participate in most of our diets can impact our pH balance and negatively affect the way our vaginas taste.

Fresh vajina

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All of this reflects a culture of shame when it comes to our vaginas. In my early twenties, I was using every Summer's Eve product in their lineup, even after my boyfriend reassured me that it was unnecessary. And ladies, don't worry about smelling like a fresh field of daises or a bouquet of roses. And men, whose semen can taste anywhere from bitter to sweet to bleachy, are rarely met with unrealistic flavour standards the way women are.

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You may also want to consider getting a pap smear depending on your age and history. In my early twenties, I was using every Summer's Eve product in their lineup, even after my boyfriend reassured me that it was unnecessary.

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However, if it becomes unusually smelly, itchy, lumpy or greenish see your Dr. Fruits, on the other hand, can make our vaginas taste sweeter. Discharge is normal and is there to keep you healthy.


What you eat does affect how your vagina tastes, but it's not that important Absent of an infection, vaginas always smell and taste normal, and normal varies. To a degree, I think we accept that they might even taste awful sometimes. To me, vaginas taste kind of like a jar of pennies, but I'm really into the flavor of these particular coins. They make you prone to infection which will make you smell bad, and make you sore, itchy and uncomfortable.

Jul 21, - Hot and Steamy can be a good thing, but not when it comes to your lady bits. Here are seven tips to stay so fresh and so clean when the. Feb 20, - Hint: it's not freshly baked cookies. Your Vagina Is Supposed To Smell Like. Hint: it's not freshly baked cookies. Share via facebook dialog. Buy Vagi-PalTM Super Fresh Natural Vagina Deodorant, Vagina Odor Eliminator on ? FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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What you eat does affect how your vagina tastes, but it's not that important. I think if any woman has a partner who requires dietary changes and special sprays to go down on her, she should find a new partner; it would require less effort.

Fresh vajina

So long as you have good hygiene, wash every day and change your pad or tampon regularly during your period, there is nothing to worry about. In my early twenties, I was using every Summer's Eve product in their lineup, even after my boyfriend reassured me that it was unnecessary.

Fresh vajina

Fresh vajina

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    I imagined that some women were guilty of vaginal neglect, in which they were simply washing their genitals, rather than waxing, spraying and dieting them into submission, like I was.

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    We learn that shaving and waxing is an essential part of feminine hygiene, even though pubic hair functions to protect our vaginas from bacteria and friction.

  3. Fenrilkis says:

    Of course, unpleasant tastes and odors do happen. Visit your gynecologist at least once a year for a health check-up.

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    If you're heading to a waxing salon for a bikini or Brazilian wax, make sure you do your research.

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    She also recommends staying away from liquid body washes because they often irritate the vulva area and can lead to burning or itching.

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