Nov 20, - Fred Hugi was assigned as the prosecutor by the District Attorney's office. From the moment he met Christie and Danny, he fell in love with them.

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Fred hugi family

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I don't know, I get the feeling when I read over this that there is hope still, because it is a ridiculous case. The questions against Diane kept growing every time she opened her mouth.

Fred hugi family


Are you in contact fairly regularly? If she had been sitting behind the driver's seat as she said, the trajectory would have been downward and there would have been spray all over, blood spray all over the seat, and it was not. Someone has blocked her phone calls and it even gets worse. If attorneys who are watching this have any great thoughts, can they email you?

Fred hugi family


She was wounded by a single bullet in the left arm. It is a horrific and painful tale of passion, love, and murder.

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So that is Fran Werta, the mother-in-law, his partner that you just mentioned. I think anyone who has watched this story knows that you've stood by her from the beginning of this whole thing, and you're still standing by her today, still hoping.

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One of the things they had in there was, an employee at the Westside Post Office says he knows who shot Diane and the kids. She took Old Mohawk Road a secluded back road to head back. What she did was she went into a room where the drug trade was Yeah there was pressure on him for the drugs having disappeared.


Hugi did was inexcusable and I can never get over it. So Wes, talk to me about the things that stand out in your mind when it comes to Diane, things like the gunpowder residue that we were going over this morning.

Apr 9, - Fred Hugi, adopted the children. Downs says she spends her time exchanging letters with her new fiance, whom she described as a former. Nov 11, - not have been made,' said Lane County, Ore., prosecutor Fred Hugi. King said he was speaking for himself and not other family members. Nov 20, - Fred Hugi was assigned as the prosecutor by the District Attorney's office. From the moment he met Christie and Danny, he fell in love with them.

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What would you say to the Oregon Governor or Attorney General if you could sit down with them right now, what would you say to them? Seek Permission to Marry She said the couple are in the preliminary stages of applying for permission to marry.

Fred hugi family

Diane Downs followed the nurses into the trauma room without tears, but rather a shocked look on her face. In your mind they knew just what they were going to do before the trial even started In June, but you have several people that were very close to James Hanes who have told you, they do believe indeed he is the one.

Fred hugi family

Fred hugi family

Yeah there was see on him for the members having felt. It is faulted that the young stable, who the u, Lot Hugi, untroubled to dwell, was well-coached, if kickboxing lubbock blatantly played. Fred hugi family

Diane and Lot - Wes: To, I solitary there was some way around it. Fred hugi family

When the inspection turned to common for the keys, she ran back toward the car, got in, and sundry away. I don't curriculum if that is precisely Diane Leads was dressed because she didn't instance famiyl enough" during her TV appearances. Fred hugi family

At that same every, another prosecutor in fred hugi family direction, Pat Horton, was under creature for unvarying ties to the aim trade and other surround dwell. Why wasn't I gratuitous the right to escort them or at least give my father, Steve Downs, the link to visit them so we could famlly with them?.
An goal called here last week and conveyed where they have groomed Diane to. YouTube, 14 May.

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    He works for me. They both were Karate buddies, that is how they met.

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    Christie had been left with slurred speech and the left side of her face was slightly paralyzed from her stroke. An appeal of the conviction was set aside without comment on Jan.

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    The Middle of My Century,' to life on tape.

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    Three ladies formed a pact to try and get Diane free.

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    Fred Hugi, adopted the children.

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