Aug 18, - Mole(Til) on body meaning - What Does your Mole (til) say about You, lucky moles on Moles on either side of the nose are also bad news.

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Freckle on nose meaning

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A mole at the lower end of the nose tip symbolizes several times of marriage and divorce caused by lust; also, it is a sign of bad luck for wealth. Also, they tend to have good salary and are often treated by others.

Freckle on nose meaning

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Mole on Nose Tip A mole on nose tip is a sign of profits pouring in from all sides. Sagging cheekbones represent someone who likes to hold onto what they have and find it difficult to share.

Freckle on nose meaning

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For example, look out for the person who has a mole on the tip of their nose, as they are often quite short-tempered. But, the one on the left foot represents financial problems and issues with their spouse. An angular mole suggests that the individual has both positive and negative characteristics.

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Significance of Color A mole that's protruding, smooth, as well as dark and pure in color is considered good. Moles on the Eyebrows A mole in the eyebrow area indicates you should pay attention to your nature and temperament.


Age 29 30 called the Forest of the Face and located just above the point of the ear, for the female the left ear, for a male the right ear and can represent how accident prone you are a smooth area represents a relatively accident free life, whereas a marked or scarred are means you may be accident prone, and have some health issues to be dealt with, if the area is sunken it denotes some health issues. If the mole is bad, however, it indicates the resistance against boss or elder will lead to the loss of opportunities for development. This kind of people are serious, responsible, kind-hearted, public-spirited and talented in show business.

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Moles on the right cheek denotes a sensitive and caring person who values family and the one on the left cheek represents a person who is an introvert and sort of arrogant as well. Luck may be a little precarious if the lips do not meet at the point directly aligned with the outer wings of the nose. Therefore, people with such a mole are not suggested to purchase real estate even if they are rich. Mole below the Mouth A mole below the mouth suggests the lifelong drifting from place to place.

For example, look out for the person who has a mole on the tip of their nose, as they are often quite short-tempered. Meanings of Moles on Different Parts of Face. Mole on Usually, a mole by the side of nose indicates the frivolous personality and people with such a mole are. Aug 10, - Last year I noticed that a freckle on my face seemed to be spreading. Then a miniscule black spot appeared within the freckle, closely followed by another just outside the . The pollution solution that will get right up your qwantify.orgg: meaning ?| ?Must include: ?meaning.

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It is also to be noted that those who are comfortable financially at this point in life tend to have less or no wrinkling in this area. Mole on Outer Corner of the Eye Such a mole suggests the person is very charming and has quite good luck with the opposite sex throughout the life.

Freckle on nose meaning

The gray, brown, yellowish moles or those with mixed colors are usually inauspicious. Also, it suggests the person will often worry or suffer from children's issues after getting married, which will affect the husband-wife affection, even lead to divorce.

Freckle on nose meaning

Freckle on nose meaning

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  1. Shaktigar says:

    Moles on the right side of the chin represent logical thinking and diplomatic nature whereas, moles on the left side represent a person who is straightforward, blunt and honest.

  2. Fem says:

    After middle age, they will have better luck and lead a peaceful and happy life.

  3. Jugami says:

    If the mole is right in the center below the mouth, it suggests the person is weak-willed but thoughtful and decisive.

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