Flonase Side Effects - Eye Problems. Flonase: What You Don't Know WILL Hurt You. This really happened: A relative (who will remain nameless) was.

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Flonase side effects eyes

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But steroids are known to increase the cataract formation process, causing cataracts in younger people. Steroids are also associated with a faster growing, more visually disruptive type of cataract called posterior subcapsular.

Flonase side effects eyes

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If you have ever had a herpes infection of the eye or face, steroid use is contraindicated! Niacin some recommend it for high cholesterol can cause flushing. Neither Everyday Health nor its licensors endorse drugs, diagnose patients or recommend therapy. In some cases, the eye is so damaged by the infection that permanent scarring and severe vision loss may occur.

Flonase side effects eyes

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You might not notice anything at all until you had lost so much vision that it was too late. The information contained herein is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, warnings, drug interactions, allergic reactions, or adverse effects. This type of virus can cause lesions on the skin, eyelid, and eye itself, and can be very difficult to treat. Steroid use has been known to raise ocular pressure in a percentage of the population.

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Steroid use has been known to raise ocular pressure in a percentage of the population. Most of them are shocked to learn that Flonase, over the counter Flonase, is widely known to cause both cataracts and glaucoma.

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So help me get the word out: In the past, you might have just reached for OTC anti-histamines like Claritin. Flonase and other intranasal steroids are only present in relatively low levels in the bloodstream, but over time, they add up. I'm suffering from allergies, have Flonase, and am 6 weeks pregnant.

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Flonase fluticasone is pregnancy category C, which means it has not been proven to be safe during pregnancy. For additional information regarding allergies. According to drug information, Flonase fluticasone is approved by the U.

Visit here to view side effects information for FLONASE® Allergy Relief products. vision, it could be the result of eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma. Mar 14, - Flonase is a nasal steroid spray that can raise intracocular pressure. Many glaucoma patients can safely use Flonase without any damaging side effects, but I would have Why can't I use my skin ointment on my eyes? Although not all of these side effects may occur, if they do occur they may need Blindness, blurred vision, eye pain; bone fractures; excess facial hair in women.

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It should only be used if the benefit of the medication outweighs any potential risk to the fetus. Is it okay to take it?

Flonase side effects eyes

With long-term steroid use, the risk for this type of cataract development greatly increases. Many people are aware of the long term side effects of prolonged steroid use, and there are some potential ocular effects that your doctor should discuss with you:

Flonase side effects eyes

Flonase side effects eyes

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    Is it okay to take it? Therefore, yes it is used for hay fever allergies.

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    But when you bring these complaints to your primary care doctor, sometimes you and your doctor will opt for a prescription strength treatment. Cataracts will often present with symptoms like cloudy vision, glare at night, and difficulty reading.

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