May 29, - Many couples are lucky enough to have a special song that lends Fleetwood Mac Songbird A perfect little love song from the Fab Four.

Fleetwood mac love songs

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It is a love song about the closeness one partner needs from another in order to be fulfilled. She speaks of growing older and realizing that she is stronger than anyone imagined.

Fleetwood mac love songs

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It also resonates with the support that partners should have for one another. In this song, Stevie reminds us all that our romantic partners are sent to teach us how to be strong, how to fall, and how to get back up again. Their love is, literally and figuratively, deep.

Fleetwood mac love songs

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Ray La Montage You Are The Best Thing Smooth, smoky vocals, an honest, unadorned declaration of love and the infectious, upbeat horn section make this track a great choice to accompany you as you and your new husband or wife share your first dance as a married couple. It also confesses the fear of being hurt, something all lovers must overcome in their quest for happiness. Written for her ex-husband, Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie, the song is a wish for happiness from one lover to another.

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The song, off their Grammy-winning masterpiece Rumours, has been covered many times. Say You Love Me There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when falling in love. It also confesses the fear of being hurt, something all lovers must overcome in their quest for happiness. It is still a concert favorite today.


Each member of the band seems to channel the emotion of love in the songs they write. The song has a lively tempo, something that is somewhat rare for Fleetwood Mac love songs. There is also a hint in the song that trust is important to successful romantic relationships. The Arizona native has long been the centerpiece of the band.

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One option is to follow in the dance-steps of those couples who have chosen to eschew tradition and perform a choreographed wedding dance routine, of which there are some great examples in our All-Time Favourite Wedding Dance Routines Blog. Songbird This beautiful composition by Christine McVie is most often performed in concert with only McVie at the piano. The mellowness of this song makes it a great choice for slow dances between partners.

Oct 3, - Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs. 'Think About Me' From: 'Tusk' () 'Second Hand News' From: 'Rumours' () 'Hold Me' From: 'Mirage' () 'Big Love' From 'Tango in the Night' () 'Silver Springs' From: 'Go Your Own Way' single () 'Landslide' From: 'Fleetwood Mac' () 'Tusk' From: 'Tusk' () 'Rhiannon'. Mar 27, - We asked our readers to vote for their favorite Fleetwood Mac songs, and it's no surprise that 90 percent of the top 10 songs come from the. Feb 14, - The best love songs of all time Auld Lang Syne lyrics: the meaning behind the song (and eight things you didn't know about it).

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Fleetwood Mac Love Songs Once can easily see that the love between them has never completely died.

Fleetwood mac love songs

Its short duration also makes the song ideal for reticent dancers who want to be out of the spotlight ASAP! The rationale is simple: Does it make you yearn for a fairy tale reality?

Fleetwood mac love songs

Fleetwood mac love songs

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Written for her ex-husband, Europe Mac bassist Intractable McVie, the relationship is a consequence for chaos from one person to another. It experiences us to facilitate and become something white. Fleetwood mac love songs

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Here are the top ten Main Mac love songs. Carlton spread the Phoenix, Arizona uniform shortly afterwards on Die, with the caption:.

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    In fact, if you know the band like the back of your hand, you would know that there is a Fleetwood Mac song for every part of the program, from the wedding entrance to the last reception dance. In her own haunting way, Nicks asserts in the song that the sound of her voice will long torment her old love.

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