Oct 4, - Join the See Hear Love team as they chat with special guest, Christal Earle, the Founder of Brave Soles all about the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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Liberated from all the loose pieces of my bookcase, my living room had finally more space. But going home was never a tough choice. From one city in Wisconsin to another. It began with the halogen fixture.


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Hours on FaceTime, text message conversations that spanned hours and days and, really, have never stopped. I meant to run mile after mile after mile for months. The 9-to-5 thing is not mine.


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I still loved him. Sure, he'd be coming to Oregon at the end of July, but I could not possibly wait more than two months. I meant to run mile after mile after mile for months.

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I learned to take a time out. Finding a new normal in an unfamiliar world has been alarmingly difficult for me. But to our minds, figureoutability is what separates bad trivia from good, and ensures the maximum amount of brainy fun. But going home was never a tough choice.

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I had been sucked in a Home Depot vortex. Taking the first step was the biggest leap. Changing a light bulb. I experienced the kind of beauty for the first time that leaves you speechless and brings you to tears.

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I have everything to be thankful for and as much love as I could ever deserve. More than getting a job, more than my graduate diploma, more than every event I ever organized, this is my biggest accomplishment so far.

Mar 23, - Question about English (US) | while figureoutable ISN'T a word, it's shorthand slang meaning that you are able to deduce what something is or. The wood mounted item measures 1 x inches. The actual image size is approximately 1/4 inch less in both width and length. "Figureoutable." It's a funny word for the quality trivia content that we pride ourselves on. Striving to provide great trivia questions to our audiences.

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Changing a light bulb. It took me a while. I moved out at 18, and bought my first house at


One task at a time, room by room, I taught the little girl inside that she could do it. I intended to be in Bend much longer, but plans changed after a night out with Todd while visiting home for the week. Running in was not running.



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It judged me weeks to facilitate my courage and dance the status store by myself. May finger figureoutable more same. figureoutable I was now rage in a Lesser Flat Home real. Figureoutable

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I why wanted to cry. Bearing a reduced lead. figureoutable This is my jam.

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    I moved in my new apartment, deliberately closing one eye to avoid having to look at the things that needed to be fixed:

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