Jun 11, - Tina Fey established herself as one of America's best comedy writers courtesy of this instant teen-movie classic, which boasts one of the most.

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Famous funny movies

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There are none of those traditional railway fistfights here, but there are sleepers on the line, a whooping great trench mortar and that climactic moment where an entire bridge collapses. Perhaps that's because it's a classic, with Jacques Tati 's beautifully drawn M. Monty Python And The Holy Grail The first real film from the surreal superstars of the Pythons, Holy Grail contains some of the most inspired writing ever committed to celluloid, with the team playing King Arthur and his loyal ish knights on a ragtag quest for the titular cup. Worth it for the Trojan rabbit gag alone.

Famous funny movies

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Cancelled by ABC, reportedly over fears that it required the audience to pay too much attention, the show languished for six years before it was resurrected for this, the first of three films. Resisted watching it because you were worried it wouldn't live up to the hype? John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are the titular musical siblings adoptive , on a mission from God to save an orphanage. Zucker, Abrams and Zucker were ruthless with their magnum opus, playing numerous rough cuts of the film to college audiences and excising anything that didn't get a big laugh.

Famous funny movies

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The sheer volume of jokes thrown out onto the prairie of Mel Brooks' comedy western is immense, but it never really forgets its story — black sheriff helps white town defeat the railroad — and actually has thoughtful things to say about the genre's inherent racism, if you care to look beyond the farting. It's a fairy tale, primarily, a whirlwind yarn of princes and princesses, pirates and giants, villages and castles.

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From Alec Baldwin to Kim Jong Il to Michael Moore, nobody is safe from Parker and Stone's wrath, while all your cherished Thunderbirds memories will be soiled forever after seeing these puppets swear, puke and — yes, they went there — having sex. It has inspired approximately a billion quotes and homages in the 30 years since it first hit screens and still hasn't ever been equalled by its many, many imitators.

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Though it's hard to credit the movie with any form of subtlety, there are brilliant moments such as the hammer suicide gag or the utter destruction of Paris and the decision to use marionette puppets is a masterstroke which allows the filmmakers to get away with any amount of ludicrousness. It's not tough to see why: The bowling was important in suggesting an anachronistic time-period, Joel Coen explained. Sure, she was a nightmare to work with on set, an emotional mess who required scores of takes on the simplest lines, but director Billy Wilder persisted until he captured her unique lightning in a bottle.

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After all, how many films can claim a scene that works both forwards and backwards on the Swedish bookstore and lasts for exactly 88 seconds? The Apartment Billy Wilder at the height of his powers.

Dec 12, - From 'Borat' to 'Bridesmaids', we count down the best comedy movies and funniest films of all time as chosen by Time Out writers and top  ?Mean Girls · ?Hot Fuzz · ?Meet the Parents · ?The Graduate. Nov 29, - If you desperately need a reason to laugh, hello, and welcome to the funniest movies of Now, please keep in mind that many of these. Jun 11, - Tina Fey established herself as one of America's best comedy writers courtesy of this instant teen-movie classic, which boasts one of the most.

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It also gets better and better the more Westerns you watch. Buy now from Amazon Ramis said it's anything from ten years to 10,

Famous funny movies

Their plans are persistently rubbish, their weapons of choice bizarrely selective only the bad records can be used to behead the undead and their leadership all messed up. Ramis said it's anything from ten years to 10,

Famous funny movies

Famous funny movies

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    It's also a wry take on fairy tales, with a sly satirical edge, and whimsically silly names like Prince Humperdinck, Fezzik and Buttercup.

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    Old hand Cary Grant shows off his feel for the form and goes from buttoned-up paleontologist to demented drag queen as Hepburn puts him through hell — but even he has to admit that he enjoys it really.

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    It also gets better and better the more Westerns you watch. It's not tough to see why:

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