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Facebook logging me out

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I hope you can see what the scum at Facebook have done! I have basically had my months of work destroyed and have to start a "page" from scratch.

Facebook logging me out

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Because of this, build your app so it doesn't automatically force people who have logged out back to the Login dialog. Read our guide to parsing the signed request to see how to decode this to find out the user ID that triggered the callback. Here are some screen shots that document my claims regarding Mccaskey and Facebook's aiding and abetting. Response data is included as a URL fragment and contains both an access token and the code parameter.

Facebook logging me out

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This parameter should be used for preventing Cross-site Request Forgery and will be passed back to you, unchanged, in your redirect URI. Facebook is engaging in blatant censorship and harassment. The fake account is still active several hours now after being reported to Facebook. I hope you can see what the scum at Facebook have done!

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You should also remove the stored access token. Facebook is even censoring Bible verses from wall comments.

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For a full description of the other fields, see the Getting Info about Access Tokens guide. The video is here http: If you have any doubt regarding what lying low life scum are running Facebook, do a search for Apostle or Pastor or Elder or even Jesus and see how many are using those as part of their Facebook name!


This is because once someone has declined a permission, the Login Dialog will not re-ask them for it unless you explicitly tell the dialog you're re-asking for a declined permission. Response data is included as URL parameters and contains code parameter an encrypted string unique to each login request. The depth that these scum running Facebook are willing to go to has actually surprised me! I am also noticing that Facebook is planning to remove all the members of some of the groups that they are "upgrading".

Our Mission. Founded in , Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. Facebook profiles have become the de-facto identities of people across the internet. This is thanks, in large part, to Login With Facebook, the social network's universal login API, which allows. The scum running Facebook have hit a new low I have spent many months building groups and pages and a network of friends.. It really is getting to be time for a class action lawsuit.

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There is no specific process here, however in general if you're building a web app, it is best to add the token as a session variable to identify that browser session with a particular person, if you're building a native desktop or mobile app, then you should use the datastore available to your app. Update Today the scum running Facebook, as blatant harassment, blocked me from logging in and forced me to change my name and drop the "Bro". FB has serious issues with censorship and have even been censoring Bible verses from wall comments.

Facebook logging me out

Here are some screen shots that document my claims regarding Mccaskey and Facebook's aiding and abetting. I hope everyone can understand what has happened.

Facebook logging me out

Facebook logging me out

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See the Putting Sensation section to place which suspect your app should use. It would be inclined to have a reduced action lawsuit.

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