Etiquette for Expressing Condolences. Don't be late. If you don't know the family, but knew the deceased, the proper etiquette is to send the sympathy card to the closest relative of the deceased, who is generally the widow/widower or the eldest child. When signing the sympathy greeting card, be sure to always include.

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Etiquette for sending sympathy cards

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Those remembrances will be treasured by the family and often are kept for years. So, if you have to write a sympathy card, make sure that you adhere to these etiquette so that you do not hurt the feelings of anyone unintentionally.

Etiquette for sending sympathy cards

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Send flowers with a note see suggestions for notes below or offer a donation to a charity or an appropriate research organization. Send cards frequently even six months after the death. It is kind to call occasionally after the funeral to check on the family, especially if you were close to the deceased or have offered some type of tangible help. Even those who don't make a special notation will not likely expect to receive a thank you note after sending a sympathy card.

Etiquette for sending sympathy cards

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It is also important to write your complete name as well as surname on the sympathy card, even if you are very close to the person. Be a good listener.

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Such memories will be fresh in the mind of the family members and mentioning it again can make it worse. On the other hand, if you did not know the deceased person, but know his family member like wife, son, daughter, etc. It may be too much of a burden for the family to answer each call individually.

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Keep your call brief. The bereaved may choose to write thank you notes for sympathy cards they have received.

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Right from the wordings that have to be written on the card to whom it has to be addressed, there are rules for everything. How do you remember whom to acknowledge? Such memories will be fresh in the mind of the family members and mentioning it again can make it worse.

What is the etiquette for sending thank you cards for sympathy notes after the funeral? Is it considered compulsory that you send a thank you for sympathy. Sep 25, - A sympathy card or note is often sent to the family if you aren't able attend the funeral. However there are situations where it is accepted. For example you may attend but also send flowers to the funeral or home of the family of the deceased. Etiquette for sending sympathy thank you notes after a funeral; who you you note to everyone who attended the funeral/visitation or sent you a sympathy card.

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If writing thank-you notes during this time is too overwhelming, etiquette dictates it is perfectly acceptable not to send them. We care and love you deeply. What to Say in the Sympathy Card The most important part that people get stuck at is what to say in the sympathy card.

Etiquette for sending sympathy cards

They would be blank inside and allow you room to write. Was this page useful?

Etiquette for sending sympathy cards

Etiquette for sending sympathy cards

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    Therefore, though the appropriate time of sending the sympathy card is soon after you hear the news, it is actually never too late to send it.

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