Learn about the ESFJ Myers-Briggs personality type, including careers, relationships, leadership, and more.

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Esfj myer briggs

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Strong, contradictory forces consume the ESFJ. Just as a few landmarks can help you find many unique locations, so too the personality stereotypes can help you understand your unique personality. ESFJs project warmth through a genuine interest in the well-being of others. ESFJs tend to plan their activities and make decisions early.

Esfj myer briggs

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Each letter in the personality type code - E, S, F, and J - describes a preference for a way of thinking or behaving. They tend to enjoy a wide circle of acquaintances, and they gain energy in social situations whereas introverts expend energy. ESFJs should be careful about controling people in their lives who do not wish to be controlled. Se focuses on the experiences and sensations of the immediate, physical world.

Esfj myer briggs


This imaginative play weaves together insights and experiences from various sources to form a new whole, which can then become a catalyst to action. They are often skilled at bringing out the best in people, and they want to understand other points of view.


In such cases, the ESFJ most often genuinely believes in the integrity of their skewed value system. N is used for iNtuition, since I is used for Introversion. ESFJs tend to plan their activities and make decisions early. What is your personality type?

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These realizations come with a certainty that demands action to fulfill a new vision of the future, solutions that may include complex systems or universal truths. Easily hurt, ESFJs seek approval. ESFJs are also capable of discerning patterns and philosophies, but such perceiving is subject to the weakness of the tertiary position, and the results often lack the variety and complexity of connections that more complex systems require.

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Unlike their Diplomat relatives however, people with the ESFJ personality type will base their moral compass on established traditions and laws, upholding authority and rules, rather than drawing their morality from philosophy or mysticism. They're very sensitive to others, and freely give practical care.

Jump to The MBTI instrument - The MBTI preferences indicate the differences in people E – Extraversion preferred to introversion: ESFJs often feel  ?Characteristics of ESFJs · ?Cognitive functions. Learn about the ESFJ Myers-Briggs personality type, including careers, relationships, leadership, and more. ESFJ is an acronym used to describe one of the sixteen personality types created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. It stands for Extraverted, Sensing.

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They value security and stability, and have a strong focus on the details of life. It uses models to root out logical inconsistency.

Esfj myer briggs

They value the rule of law and expect the same of others. ESFJs tend to be vocal in expressing their sense of right and wrong.

Esfj myer briggs

Esfj myer briggs

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