Why is it hard to end a relationship that has become an emotional affair? Here is some insight into what the unfaithful spouse is probably thinking.

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End an emotional affair

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Did you seek out the other person? Letting go of an emotional affair is more than possible, but the only currency you can use to buy your freedom is your pride and ego. There is hope, and you can still find ultimate happiness in your marriage. No one wants to be seen as an infidel, nor do most people just set out to cheat.

End an emotional affair

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And I'm thankful we parted ways before we hurt each other more. If you too are in need of expert care, please consider the possibility that you need expert help and the time is now. We'd talk for hours. But I didn't stop talking to him.

End an emotional affair

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I was a married woman and I'd never been unfaithful, not even in high school or college. Because of the affair I had.

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We tried to it out. He made something come alive inside me that had been missing for a very long time.

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No one wants to be seen as an infidel, nor do most people just set out to cheat. He had an affair for over a month.

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Letting go can be difficult if pride and ego are involved. In fantasies, the unfaithful spouse can play God, deciding how the future will turn out with absolute certainty. I knew he'd had an affair because he'd felt the same way I did:

Oct 7, - My husband and I had been married for 10 years when he came to me and told me he'd had a month-long affair with a woman he'd met at work. In an emotional affair, it makes no difference whether the “friend” lives across the If so, it is crucial to stop asserting that this outside relationship is harmless. Oct 12, - How do you stop an emotional affair? Notice the seasons that you have distance in your marriage, and be proactive.

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We were going through a rough patch. I kept telling myself I was validated to do what I was doing because my husband actually cheated.

End an emotional affair

I didn't want to. Here are three examples that you should feel free to use: Was it a friendship that turned into something more?

End an emotional affair

End an emotional affair

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    Instead, as with any marriage problem, you bring it out into the open and address it for what it really is — a natural and expected part of any long-term relationship.

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