Jul 22, - Colleen Ballinger. OBVIOUSLY I'm going to do the edible underwear challenge with my sister. Colleen Ballinger 8,, views.

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Edible underpants

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It was considered naughty innocence. If I was going to use one of these products, Couple's Set Surrender would not be the edible undergarment of choice. Candypants featured in two separate U.

Edible underpants

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Edible underwear, as "Candypants", was used by the defense for Screw magazine in their fight to stay on the newsstands despite their content and then again by the prosecution to attempt to shut down the late night Public-access television cable TV show Midnight Blue in New York City. If it was actually gummy, it would be a worth-while product. They never really expected people to wear their product, appropriately named 'Candypants,' and saw it more as an art form than anything else. Once again, this product is made of a very thin material.

Edible underpants


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. While this is still very papery, it is stronger than the other material.

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The crystals aren't sour like one might think. In , edible underwear was listed by People magazine as being one of the names and events that define pop culture. At first glance, this might seem a little small.

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Patent and Trademark Office denied their application for a patent on the basis that the idea of candy and pants were incompatible, but later granted the application and within weeks hundreds of thousands of pairs were manufactured and distributed out of the company's food manufacturing plant in Chicago, Illinois. This is sturdier than the previously tested products, but still does not seem like it would do the job.


Retrieved 27 October via Newspapers. It is a little sticky, but not enough that it would make uncomfortable.

Edible underwear is a candy product which is made into a form and can function as underwear but which is edible. The product was invented by David. Buy Candy G-String Edible Underwear at qwantify.org Buy Edible Panties Strawberry Gummy Women's on qwantify.org ? FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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This is definitely a sweet treat! I leave you with a few words of wisdom: If it was actually gummy, it would be a worth-while product.

Edible underpants

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. At first glance, this might seem a little small.

Edible underpants

Edible underpants

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    This set was also VERY sticky. One lick and I immediately knew what this reminded me ofa stale lollipop that had been left in my car for months.

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