Nov 26, - Edgar Allan Poe tattoos are going beyond other famous writer tattoos, in number, but also in creativity. The 19th century American author is.

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Edgar allan poe tattoo

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Salvador Dali Tattoos Salvador Dali was one of the more eccentric characters in history, and a major megalomaniac to boot. It's a great canvass for worthy words.

Edgar allan poe tattoo

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His head looks a little warped, perhaps as a symbol to his slightly warped and creative mind. Cursive as part of the font for the script looks really good, and the scroll is really well done. Maybe, they even can be a guide for the future.

Edgar allan poe tattoo

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An icon of the macabre and gothic, he was an odd man in real life as well, surrounded by tragedy. Poe Scroll Tattoo The choice of using a scroll as the backdrop to Poe's poem was a fantastic one with this tattoo.

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The way the 'Y' scrolls into the branch with the raven sitting on it is awesome to me. That has been pushed back for legal reasons until So this poem was perfect for me, and now is a part of my skin, after being a part of my spirit.

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Chucky the Killer Doll Tattoos It's hard to believe the first Chucky movie, Child's Play, was released in , and has another project in the mix, which will be similar to the original Child's Play, but reportedly much darker. Here's another one with a very different look than the butterfly tattoo above with the poem on it.

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Many people can relate to his writing, as it makes them less afraid of their own dark thoughts. Portrait Tattoo of Poe Rather than include the usual raven as the design associated with Poe, this tattoo artist chose to present the feathers of the raven to present the portrait of Edgar Allen Poe. But it doesn't end there. The shadowing especially is very appealing to me.

Feb 27, - Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most well-known authors of dark themed stories and poetry. He is the author of “The Raven,” “The Tell-Tale Heart. Discover the godfather of the Gothic genre with the top 60 best Edgar Allan Poe tattoo designs for men. Explore cool dark literature themed ink ideas. Explore Jeff's board "Edgar Allen Poe Tattoos" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Tatuajes, Time tattoos and A tattoo.

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After all, for most, it's the words of Edgar Allen Poe which had such a strong, lasting effect, not only the images conjured up from them. Ondrash Here is an unusually colorful and impressionistic version of a Poe portrait.

Edgar allan poe tattoo

But it doesn't end there. Source Another 'Dream Within a Dream' Tattoo Obviously 'Dream Within a Dream' is one of the more popular poems of Poe, and that is reflected in the choice people make in having his words inked on them. Are you considering an homage to the prolific writer with a tattoo?

Edgar allan poe tattoo

Edgar allan poe tattoo

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  1. Dugami says:

    It's a great canvass for worthy words.

  2. Ducage says:

    November 30th, by Naomi V 0 comment. Because my first love in this life is Poetry; because when I met the brilliant works of Poe — his novels but especially his poems — they burned my soul so deeply that I wanted a sign of this feeling forever engraved also on my body.

  3. Mibar says:

    Kelly Doty A new school portrait of Poe is quite eye catching. At an early age, his mother died, while his father had already left.

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