The International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT) is a leading international forum for database researchers, developers, and users to.

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As presenter, please contact your session chair in advance. Moreover, complexity theory studies whether a problem is, in principle, parallelizable or not. Any submitted paper violating the length, file type, or formatting requirements will be rejected without review.


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In case University of Konstanz should notice that a specific offer to which a link was provided will cause a liability according to civil oder criminal law the link will become canceled. Length, file type, and formatting Length: Currently Georg Gottlob is working with Reinhard Pichler on new methods for query decomposition that promise to lead to faster algorithms for answering complex database queries. The approach has influenced many subsequent studies, for the same problem, but also for analyses involving different types of network and different hypotheses.


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A paper author has a conflict of interest with a PC member when, and only when, one or more of the following conditions holds: The author is or was the PC member's primary thesis advisor, no matter how long ago.

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Duplicate submissions and novelty requirements A research paper submitted to EDBT cannot be under review for any other publishing forum or presentation venue, including conferences, workshops, and journals, during the time it is being considered for EDBT. The paper starts from a view of relational algebra as a many-sorted algebra which allows to easily embed geometric data types and operators. The goal is to discover all sequential patterns with a user-specified minimum support from a database of sequences, where each sequence is a list of transactions ordered by transaction-time, and each transaction is a set of items. The analysis involves commercial mobile telephony data, in which nodes are customers and edges represent calls.

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The PC member has been a collaborator within the past two years. It is shown to be much faster than the AprioriAll algorithm in the previous publication on both synthetic and real data. The font size, margins, inter-column spacing, and line spacing in the templates must be kept unchanged.

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It has had substantial impact. System and application papers are reviewed by the same program committee as the other research papers, but will be evaluated and assessed as appropriate for system and applications papers.

Important dates for EDBT/ICDT and Call for Papers. Deadlines expire at 5pm, PT. EDBT Industrial and Application Papers. Current Trends in Database Technology - EDBT Workshops XML-Based Data Management and Multimedia Engineering EDBT Workshops. Dec 19, - Consisting of the 21st International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT) and the 21st International Conference on.

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This paper extends the definition of sequence mining that was introduced by the same authors in a previous publication: Even though all contents are carefully reviewed and constantly updated no guarantee can be provided for completeness, accuracy and ultimate up-to-dateness.


Read more here Organizers. The committee was charged with selecting a paper or a small number of papers from the proceedings of the following 4 editions: Industrial, demo, tutorial, and short paper submissions will be the subjects of further CFPs.


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    Regular research papers, Experiments and Analyses papers, and System and Application papers have a page limit of 12 pages including references and appendices. Each research paper is to be submitted as a single PDF file, formatted for A4 paper and no more than 5 MB in file size.

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