Feb 1, - The sexual term not literal~ The KGB Agent answer: "Dutch oven" is slang for releasing particularly bad-smelling farts under sheets, then.

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Dutch oven sex term

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Of males, to urinate. Being in trouble with someone.

Dutch oven sex term

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Kissing the Pope's Feet. He who rejected it respected it.

Dutch oven sex term

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Having a quality associated with that of recreational drugs and consequently the drug scene itself. A sexually attractive person.


No wonder he got the sack. An exclamation of strong incredulity. He who observed it served it.


This was a time when the Netherlands had conflicts with the English on both land and sea, including the loss of the Dutch colony of what later became New York. Deriving comfort from the fact that things could be worse. It shall be remembered forever!


A sailor who sees a Flying Dutchman will die before reaching home. A bargain settled over drinks. Whoever spoke last set off the blast. To land someone in trouble, to incriminate.

of words. For the English and Dutch alike, this enmity found a natural outlet in popular . A “Dutch oven” is, on the face of it, not a derogatory use of “Dutch” as this . refer to a broad range of robust or unconventional sexual activity along with. A Dutch oven is like an old school crockpot. Contains the smell I often heard the terms 'double dutch' and 'dutch courage' growing up. Here is a paper . DUTCH BICYCLE: A woman who is sexually cautious and prudent. Oct 22, - A Dutch Oven is when, after, or even before sex, you or your partner pulls the sheets over one another head's and passes wind. From what I've.

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To make an obvious mistake. Copper beaten out into very thin leaves.

Dutch oven sex term

He who detected it ejected it. Any unspecified or fictitious desease.

Dutch oven sex term

Dutch oven sex term

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  1. Menos says:

    A feeble and boring person.

  2. Kijar says:

    What a stink, have you just dropped one?

  3. Kazigor says:

    Reflection of Dutch - English relations Most idioms about the Dutch in the English language came into being after

  4. Nikogar says:

    In ye heat of ye talk it befel yt one did breake wind, yielding an exceding mightie and distresfull stink, whereat all did laugh full sore.

  5. Misho says:

    Deriving comfort from the fact that things could be worse. Marry, sir, by many a wind instrument that I know.

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