May 21, - And while I may not have ever uttered these exact words, I remember the phrase that pushed at the corners of my mind: attention whore.

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Drunk attention whores

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You can tell that girl to get off of the bar. It continues a long, misogynistic tradition of mean phrases invented to admonish ladies for being too visible, too shameless.

Drunk attention whores

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The top two definitions of "attention whore" on Urban Dictionary are gender neutral, but numbers three, four and five, all of which have between and "likes," identify these attention-seekers as women: To not attract unwanted attention. Maybe she sleeps with a new guy or girl every night. There is no doubt something inside of some people an unhappiness, I suspect that leads them to relish our morbid fascination with their bad behavior, knowing that we are silently daring them to do something crazier and crazier while being equally repulsed by how easily they do these things that we—or at least I—would never do.

Drunk attention whores

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Yet our ire for these "shameless" people , most of whom happen to be women, is not just reserved for celebrities, as Nova at Rookie Mag pointed out earlier this week. But as girls, we are taught to not beg for it.

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After all, she was just doing it for the attention. But secretly, I was jealous of their ability to do their own thing sneaking out, having sex, cutting class and also of the attention they got from boys, from other girls, from teachers while doing it.

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But for a while before that, it looked like her transformation from pop sweetheart to bad girl was just a contrived series of strategic moves to keep her relevant and exciting: Wanting attention is seen as desperate and pathetic. The action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something. Illustration by Suzy X.

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Maybe she brings an acoustic guitar to every party and plays Dave Matthews Band songs when people are trying to mingle. When we feel insecure or uncomfortable about something it's difficult to see someone else's pain and discomfort get attention while we keep our own struggles private -- as we've been taught is appropriate.

Find and save Drunk Attention Whores Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More. Sep 8, - drunk attention whore thread. Discussion in 'The Vestibule' started by soon to be stoned attention whore response. Last edited: Sep 8, May 25, - In reality, men and women are equally able to be obnoxious or narcissistic, to brag and to need public affirmation. But when we call someone a.

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Actions that may very well come from a much deeper, more serious problem. Some celebrities seem particularly helpless in these matters.

Drunk attention whores

The girl had consistently acted out and had threatened to kill herself multiple times, but nobody took her seriously. Why is wanting people to acknowledge you looked on with such disgust and contempt? It continues a long, misogynistic tradition of mean phrases invented to admonish ladies for being too visible, too shameless.

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    Basically, like every other teenager, I was just trying to find a place in this world, but I was deviating from the Christian background that my friends and I shared.

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    We ridicule these women but we are also obsessed with them, clicking every article published about their latest publicity antic, following their Twitter feeds and handing them the time in the spotlight they seem to be asking for.

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