Definition of dromaeosaurid - a carnivorous bipedal dinosaur of a late Cretaceous family which included deinonychus and the velociraptors. They had a large.

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When this information is applied to the sites containing putative pack-hunting behavior in dromaeosaurids, it appears somewhat consistent with a Komodo dragon-like feeding strategy. It was normally held off of the ground during locomotion, but when the muscles of the toe were contracted, the claw swept down quickly. In modern fleet-footed birds, like the ostrich , the foot-tibia ratio is.


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The forelimb claws they studied also fell within the climbing range of curvature. For example, when Deinonychus extended its arm forward, the 'palm' of the hand automatically rotated to an upward-facing position. This would have caused one wing to block the other if both forelimbs were extended at the same time, leading Senter to conclude that clutching objects to the chest would have only been accomplished with one arm at a time.


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At top, two Deinonychus approach a herd of tenontosaurs. The authors suggested that the talons would have been more effective in climbing than in dealing killing blows. Such dietary differentiations likely allowed them to inhabit the same environment.


The individuals were spaced about one meter apart, traveling in the same direction and walking at a fairly slow pace. The cervical rib is fused to this vertebra forming a foramen transversarium, which is level with the centrum. Another dromaeosaurid species, Deinonychus antirrhopus , may display partial flight capacities. Life restoration of a Deinonychus preying on a Zephyrosaurus using the sickle claw for prey restraint Ostrom compared Deinonychus to the ostrich and cassowary.

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Instead, they probably used their high bite force in defense or prey capture, rather than feeding. The forelimb claws they studied also fell within the climbing range of curvature.

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All the evidence, according to Grellet-Tinner and Makovicky, indicates that the egg was intact beneath the body of the Deinonychus when it was buried. The dorsal ribs all show strong anterior curvature. New finds of dromaeosaur specimens in the last few years will hopefully tell us more about these strange and exciting dinosaurs. Luis Chiappe concluded that, given these adaptations, Rahonavis could probably fly but would have been more clumsy in the air than modern birds.

This timeline of dromaeosaurid research is a chronological listing of events in the history of paleontology focused on the dromaeosaurids, a group of. Alternative forms[edit]. drom?osaurid. Noun[edit]. dromaeosaurid (plural dromaeosaurids). (paleontology) A bird-like theropod dinosaur of the family. Dromaeosauridae /?dr?mi??s??r?di?/ is a family of feathered theropod dinosaurs. Dromaeosaurid fossils have been found across the globe in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Antarctica, with fossilized teeth  ?Sinornithosaurus · ?Eudromaeosauria · ?Halszkaraptor · ?Microraptor.

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For comparison, they analyzed the construction of a claw from a modern predatory bird, the eagle owl. The sternum is represented by what is probably the left sternal plate. Deinonychus also has been found as fossils in small groups which seem to have been killed while attacking Tenontosaurus tilletti, a larger ornithischian dinosaur.


This size is similar to the 7. Using the tooth marks, Gignac's team were able to determine that the bite force of Deinonychus was significantly higher than earlier studies had estimated by biomechanical studies alone.



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    For example, when Deinonychus extended its arm forward, the 'palm' of the hand automatically rotated to an upward-facing position. In their examination of the specimen, Grellet-Tinner and Makovicky examined the possibility that the dromaeosaurid had been feeding on the egg, or that the egg fragments had been associated with the Deinonychus skeleton by coincidence.

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    For example, when Deinonychus extended its arm forward, the 'palm' of the hand automatically rotated to an upward-facing position.

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    However, Senter did not test whether the strong curvature of dromaeosaurid claws was also conducive to such activities.

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