Jan 28, - Diana Krall's deep smoky jazz fills Sydney Opera House's Concert Hall as she teams up with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on the first.

Diana krall sydney

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I'm pretty good at it. Just slowing a song down ever so slightly can change it greatly.

Diana krall sydney

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For complete details visit: Probably the greatest experience of my whole life. Are there other songs you find yourself singing to anyone in particular?

Diana krall sydney

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I don't think I've lost that. I've been listening to this music since I was born and I was listening to the history of it," she says confidently, though this is as much looking back as she'll do. Mark Seliger And what she can do is pretty much whatever she wants.

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We just went in and wanted to make a beautiful record. We're from the same neighbourhood, you know, growing up, and he knew the songs and he's a great jazz pianist and also a great popular-style pianist. I don't think I've lost that. You toured with Neil Young.

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I love his new record as well. Yes, it's not a jazz record, but it has jazz, of course.

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It must be incredibly difficult to wind back and find that space in your head to begin to perform. He was really, really wise to choose not to have a pianist in so it didn't go jazz; it stayed how he sounds. Another of your heroes is Joni Mitchell.

Jan 27, - Five-time Grammy Award winning jazz pianist and world-renowned singer, Diana Krall, will perform a fourth and final show at the iconic Sydney. Diana Krall: Australian dates announced! Live Nation is thrilled Krall will perform three special shows with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Two will be at the. Diana Krall - Quiet Nights World Tour Diana Krall - Quiet Nights World Tour . Thu 04 Mar, , Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney - All Ages.

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It must be incredibly difficult to wind back and find that space in your head to begin to perform. How would artists of the Sixties and Seventies cope in the industry today?

Diana krall sydney

You know, she's probably the most important songwriter for me this side of Cole Porter. I just sang that again for the first time in a long, long time because it was my wedding anniversary and I was away from my husband, so, that's what I sang.

Diana krall sydney

Diana krall sydney

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