Welcome to the YouTube channel of Cyberith. Cyberith is the worlds leading provider of virtual reality locomotion devices, so called omnidirectional treadmil.

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Why not explore historic sites, walk through a DNA strand or go for a walk on the moon with the Virtualizer? Who in the gaming community has never dreamt of getting rid of devices like joypads, mice and keyboards and switching to something more natural: Integrated sensors The integrated sensors assure low-latency motion detection.


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The Virtualizer is one big step in bringing Virtual Reality into people's homes but it has to be noted that it will require more of these steps to truly establish consumer friendly Virtual Reality. All Prototypes of the Virtualizer.


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To increase immersion even further, the Virtualizer is now equipped with vibration packs! All Prototypes of the Virtualizer.

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You want to stand up, you want to walk around. Regarding the Virtualizer HT we currently have three different ways of feeding the vibration units with data:

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Combined with the custom made linear guides in each of the three pillars we achieve smooth and quiet vertical movements. If there still should be any unforeseen circumstances we can visit the manufacturers easily and sort the problems out quickly. It uses audio and special transducers, creating precise, directed haptic output to deliver you an unmatched VR experience.

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Since our analyses, simulations and tests deliver affirmative results, we are confident in being able to deliver the quality we promise to. We didn't want for the Virtualizer to just be another way of handling your games, like a new form of Gamepad or something comparable. But its possible fields of applications are almost limitless. No shoes needed The low-friction base plate allows you to play in your socks.

Cyberith’s unique VR simulators enable your users to explore virtual worlds by actually moving through them like they were real. At the same time they are kept safely in place by the Virtualizer, our omnidirectional treadmill for VR. The VR applications we offer to our customers. Jul 23, - Cyberith is raising funds for Cyberith Virtualizer - Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming on Kickstarter! Full Immersion. No Restrictions. The next. The latest Tweets from Cyberith (@Cyberith). Developers of the Virtualizer, a virtual reality device to enhance immersion by implementing your natural.

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Video about cyberith:

Furthermore the price of the proposals is especially aligned for Kickstarter. That's why we are working really hard to deliver our SDK at the end of to make sure there are tons of Virtual Reality games out there, once you receive your Virtualizer.


You want to stand up, you want to walk around. With it developers will be able to easily integrate full Virtualizer functionality in their games for full immersion.



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