Some degree of curving can be present in the normal penis. In many cases, the penis can curve slightly to the left or right when it is erect. A curved penis becomes a problem when it causes pain and/or prevents a man from having intercourse.

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Curved down penis

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Although sex can be good with small banana dick, there are plenty of women who do feel that having sex with a big, straight penis is way better. How Can I Help Myself? On the other hand, there are many claims which say that having a bent penis has advantages over the straight one. It is an easy to use traction device that helps to straighten out the tissues that build-up to cause the penis to curve because of Peyronies Disease.

Curved down penis


How Can I Help Myself? Who buys them and why? Would this product actually work? In this case, both sides of erectile tissue expand the same way, but the bottom side of it is less expandable than the upper one, so your dick curves down.

Curved down penis

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Does Penis Shape Really Matter? Yes, there are some sex positions that work great for banana dicks, but truthfully, there are a lot more and better options for guys with straight one. Masturbation CAN cause a bent penis.

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If the right part of your Corpora Cavernosa expands to hold more blood, then your penis will curve to the left. True, I did lose 20 years living with my curved-to-the-down-left dick and then spent 2 years on research and being frozen with doubt.

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If you are not ready to straighten your banana penis you have to learn to live with your manhood as it is. It is specially designed to help get a curved penis straightened out quickly, comfortably, and painlessly. Personally, I prefer to be able to impress a girl from the very start.

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Masturbation CAN cause a bent penis. It just takes some time, persistence, and the correct tools.

Believe it or not, there are men and women who wax lyrical about advantages of a curved penis and it's positive impact on their sex lives. Curvature can. Mar 13, - But we're both having a really difficult time because my husband's penis is curved downward. I didn't really realize anything was strange until I. May 3, - A curved down penis is better for the woman in some sex positions, but not other sex positions. It just has it's own different benefits & drawbacks.

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And I desperately wanted to straighten my banana penis. It requires no surgery, no injections, and no side effects.

Curved down penis

Should You Straighten Your Penis? You could develop low confidence that results in psychological erectile dysfunction, which could cause women to stop wanting to have sex with you. In this case, both sides of erectile tissue expand the same way, but the bottom side of it is less expandable than the upper one, so your dick curves down.

Curved down penis

Curved down penis

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    Over the course of a few months you can straighten your penis with jelqing exercise, but you must be careful not to hurt your penis.

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