CS Application Program Development. Fall Course Description: A course in application programming with an emphasis on software development.

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The natural geometry of close-packed spheres then provides the ducting the spaces between the spheres and spacing for the reactor core. A technical advantage is that some designs are throttled by temperature, not by control rods. If an item is under warranty you must return item before a replacement can be sent, this is for our protection against fraudulent claims. Rudolf Schulten in the s.


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The graphite pebbles are more difficult to reprocess due to their construction,[ citation needed ] which is not true of the fuel from other types of reactors. These safety features were tested and filmed with the German AVR reactor. In that state, the reactor vessel radiates heat, but the vessel and fuel spheres remain intact and undamaged. However, all pebble-bed reactors are cooled by inert gases to prevent fire.


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History[ edit ] The first suggestion for this type of reactor came in from Prof. There is a project in progress to develop pebbles and reactors that use MOX fuel , that mixes uranium with plutonium from either reprocessed fuel rods or decommissioned nuclear weapons. The reactor is cooled by an inert, fireproof gas, so it cannot have a steam explosion as a light-water reactor can.

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We will only ship to the address you provide through Paypal and Ebay. Farrington Daniels at Oak Ridge, who also created the name "pebble-bed reactor".

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In most stationary pebble-bed reactor designs, fuel replacement is continuous. All reactors have reactivity feedback mechanisms, but the pebble-bed reactor is designed so that this effect is very strong.

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Video about cs233:

Safety features[ edit ] Pebble-bed reactors have an advantage over conventional light-water reactors in operating at higher temperatures. We will only ship to the address you provide through Paypal and Ebay.


The exhaust of the turbine is quite warm and may be used to warm buildings or chemical plants, or even run another heat engine. USPS first class is less expensive, but you are unable to track the order and could take up to days to receive.



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    Instead of shutting down for weeks to replace fuel rods, pebbles are placed in a bin-shaped reactor. Uranium , which forms the bulk of the uranium in the reactor, is much more likely to absorb fast or epithermal neutrons at higher temperatures.

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    Berkeley professor Richard A. Please return with a copy of this packing list or your order number and a breif explanation as to why you are returning the item or items to:

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