Mar 21, - I am on the fast track to having sex with someone I started talking to on CL and was wondering if I am walking into a trap or if it can end RIP, Craigslist Personals. Share your favorite CL Personals story.

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Craigslist encounters stories

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He was very much into talking about how Alpha he was and dropping a comment every single time he could about his self-proclaimed gigantic penis. I contacted the police and we set up a sting operation at the local Starbucks and caught the guy. I used classic hook-up ad vernacular:

Craigslist encounters stories

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I just wanted to get it over with. This includes sexist and rape jokes.

Craigslist encounters stories


The guy had the bike around the back of his house, but we spoke around front, and I parked my car around front; the bike had the keys in it already. Did you steal this motorcycle?

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I just wanted to get it over with. I suggested we change the subject because at this point I, a queer, liberal, socially aware woman, was pretty close to leaving. Feel free to share these in the Daily Sexual Achievement threads that are provided by the mods. Instead, this is what happened:

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I never thought I would see that laptop again. This post is already really long. The face of a woman with regrets. This includes sexist and rape jokes.

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Used it for a couple of days, started noticing coffee grounds in my cup. Eventually things just went from there.

Craigslist is a source for many ridiculous stories, hookup stories being the I responded to a casual encounters ad, where the girl said she was looking for just. I lost my virginity to a 50 year old fat chick from Craigslist. True story. I was 20 years old and in college and never had a girlfriend or been laid. Just never had any. It's almost impossible to tell what's legit and what's a ridiculous ad or scary Craigslist story waiting to happen. Are a few bucks worth a crazy encounter?

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I get taken to this cop's desk. Eventually things just went from there. Maybe both of our relationships were stale.

Craigslist encounters stories

At the time, I made excuses for her for us both. He had actually messaged me on OK Cupid the week before, but I read his profile and never responded that right there should have tipped me off, I almost always respond to OK Cupid messages. I never thought I would see that laptop again.

Craigslist encounters stories

Craigslist encounters stories

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