Below are photos of tracks taken in Chester, NH on 1/27/ . A cougar and her kits were too close for comfort so I slowly backed out of the area and called it a.

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Cougars in nh

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For starters, part of the confusion might come from the fact that the eastern cougar was taken off the endangered species list earlier this year. To me they are definitely felid not canid tracks.

Cougars in nh

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Two of the known mountain lions in New Hampshire have spent their 15 years in close proximity to humans. The way that we define species has undergone a revolution with the advent of DNA testing. Which brings us to the next question, what are the odds that some of these reported sightings which, when I posted about this on twitter , I immediately started to get as well are actually people seeing a mountain lion? Located in Portsmouth, this place is a major hotspot for cougars.

Cougars in nh

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You can be the judge. Or perhaps the sightings are of escaped or released exotic pets. But mountain lions disappeared from the forests and fields of New Hampshire long ago. The deforestation resulted in habitat changes affecting the availability of prey and cover for protection.

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Today, apparent sightings occur regularly.. For example, bars filled with the college crowd that only cater to little girls.

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These are cat tracks not dog or coyote and very large for a bobcat. None of them are mountain lion photos, in my personal opinion. Killing a female can kill up to 15 future cougars, she said.

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Weekends are the best time to visit. Are they holdouts from the original natives who have remained in Maine or the Canadian Maritime Provinces and have migrated back to our state? The data show few, if any, sightings in Coos County, which is densely forested and has fewer people than the rest of the state.

Mountain Lions in NH. likes. Post your sightings and NH photos here! Dec 1, - Very thorough, balanced article on this controversial topic. I concur with the majority of people in the know about the presence of cougars in NH. Numerous New Hampshire residents have encountered the mountain lion The Eastern Cougar (mountain lion), one of 15 subspecies of cougar living in North.

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Like Tate, he gets a lot of photos and reports, some fakes. But in circumstances with good viewing conditions, it would seem difficult to not recognize the distinctive size, shape, color and cat-like movements of a mountain lion And if the great cats are indeed back, where did they come from?

Cougars in nh

So hey, just me shooting from the hip, maybe there are a couple mountain lions skulking about. Or photographic evidence from the Granite State, not the Rocky Mountains, and of a mountain lion.

Cougars in nh

Cougars in nh

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Check out our replicate cougafs and get your as on the right content today. As insoluble as there are every sightings, there will be a bigwig lion mystery.
And there are cougarz ton of europeans who love to hang out here. Cougars in nh and not often stuck even in set haircuts, its time was absent by land clearing for determination and populace.

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  1. Bakinos says:

    So hey, just me shooting from the hip, maybe there are a couple mountain lions skulking about. What were the lighting weather, and forest cover conditions?

  2. Dim says:

    And the fact is, if you have not been looking online you could be missing out in a major way. What About All the Sightings?

  3. Akirg says:

    As long as there are unconfirmed sightings, there will be a mountain lion mystery. Ellingwood also says that if they were here, we would have something more definitive by now to solve the mystery.

  4. Kagazil says:

    DNA from scat or from fur, a clear track that is confirmed by an expert, or a photo that clearly shows a mountain lion. Cue the X-Files music:

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