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Cougar hotline

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They will hide large carcasses and feed on them for several days. Eventually some dispersing individuals wandered over from western states. By feeding deer or other wildlife, people inadvertently may attract carnivores.

Cougar hotline

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Either way, each lion will continue to wander until it finds a mate. January Ray County Subadult male treed and shot by raccoon hunters. The Mountain Lion Response Team collected DNA samples and determined that the animal was about 2 years old with no signs of being held in captivity not a pet. They are extremely solitary animals and can claim up to square miles as their territory for just ONE big cat.

Cougar hotline

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Later he confessed a friend, James McElwee, who was hunting raccoons nearby had actually shot the lion out of a tree, and there had been no attacks on livestock. DNA analysis of hairs collected at the scene is pending. Mountain lions are primarily active at night.


DNA analysis of hairs collected at the scene confirmed species; ancestry analysis is underway. No obvious signs of confinement. December Livingston County A photograph of a probable subadult was taken by a motion-activated game camera.

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December Livingston County A photograph of a probable subadult was taken by a motion-activated game camera. November Reynolds County A conservation agent video-recorded a mountain lion with a deer carcass.

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Remove dense or low-lying vegetation that provides hiding places for mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and other predators near your house. Remain standing or try to get back up.

Cougar hunters can verify if the season is open or closed by calling the toll free cougar hunting hotline () or visiting this website. Mar 10, - Cougars News. TAMARAC COUGARS OPENING CEREMONIES JAMBOREE! Cougar Hotline: [email protected] Website by. This is "cougar hotline" by Michael Duling on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who.

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People have fought back successfully with rocks, sticks, caps or jackets, garden tools and bare hands. Remain standing or try to get back up.

Cougar hotline

Louis County Photo of probable subadult disperser taken by motion-activated game camera. January Texas County An adult-sized lion was treed by a rabbit hunters dogs. Talk with children about lions and teach them what to do if they see one.

Cougar hotline

Cougar hotline

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