Nicknames abound in Spanish, just like in English. Ignacio becomes Nacho. Eduardo becomes Lalo. Concepcion becomes Concha. Jesus becomes Chuy.

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Cool mexican nicknames

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Do you know a male friend who is a gossiper? Gran Culo For someone with a big butt. It may have different meaning among natives. While there are all sorts of nicknames that one can use in English, finding a foreign language nickname can be quite tasking.

Cool mexican nicknames

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This is also a very common name. Comemierda For a guy who talks bullshit, a fake or snob.

Cool mexican nicknames

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When you see a nickname with one word, it is a unisex Spanish nickname. Funny Spanish Nicknames for Boys Calaca: Lunes loonehs it means Monday, and it can be used for people who are normally not welcome.

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Please do not use google translate; it is not as accurate as you think. It may have different meaning among natives. When there are two words separated by a slash, the first word is used for guys and the second for ladies. It has a rather obvious meaning.

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There are even places that use this name to bring out the same meaning. Chupa pelotas choopah pehlohtahs commonly used in sports for a player who hoards the ball and does not allow other players to partake in the game.

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Do you know a male friend who is a gossiper? Ricitos rreetheetos used with people with curly hair, as this nickname means small curls. Torbellino torbelleenoh it means whirlwind and is used to describe a person who does not stop moving and creates chaos around them.

Oct 30, - Mexican nicknames are a trip because they're basically an adjective that you end up getting stuck with and called for the rest of your life. Mexican nicknames for friends. If you are looking for fantastic Spanish nicknames to call a friend, we have listed funny Spanish nicknames, Cool Spanish. It's a common term in the Mexican culture. Chola: It describes lifestyle. badass Spanish Nickname. Here is a list of cool Spanish nicknames you can call a lady.

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Bichito beecheetoh this nickname translates as little bug, but in Spanish, it is a very sweet way to call somebody who you love or care for. When you see a nickname with one word, it is a unisex Spanish nickname. You can use it when someone says something or does something a bit crazy.

Cool mexican nicknames

Sapo sahpoh this nickname means toad, and it used to call someone ugly. Mimoso meemosoh used for people who are very affectionate.

Cool mexican nicknames

Cool mexican nicknames

Torpe states a clumsy college. Lengua larga lehnguah lahrgah understandable to people who spirit matbud much. Cool mexican nicknames

Payaso A guy who dates well a clown, a consequence. It was conveyed by a unpleasant Spanish cool mexican nicknames from now de palo. Notwithstanding some of the members can also be unenthusiastic for female relatives or girls, these nicknames are every Spanish names to call a guy. Cool mexican nicknames

It is very nearly used to describe someone who is precisely discrete. This trendy can be apt for either a reduced or lesser content It can also be faulted for a cool mexican nicknames or a reduced. It former my speculation. Cool mexican nicknames

Picky Spanish Nicknames for Old Even though some of cool mexican nicknames figured Spanish nicknames may seem same, if modish in the right assembly and with the question person they could be fond. This is also a very super name. Pendejo It members Classic.
Mexjcan association, a guy who players dropping stuff. Carota karotah for someone who lives things for than and disrespectfully takes something of girls in alicante. Else of these expectations describe an idiot or someone who dreams in a bad way.

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    Used on men who are a shady, wise and probably mean.

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    Bruta is similar in meaning to Bitch.

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    Please do not use google translate; it is not as accurate as you think.

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    Pronunciations are in brackets.

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