Dec 7, - Cool Villain Names - Because We all Know That the Villain Is so The name of a bad guy (or girl) may not say everything about them, but it.

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Cool bad boy names

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The name Max has been popular amongst celebrities and their children for the past few years now, making it an authentic star baby name! Whatever the case, we have 50 bad boy names for baby to get you started on your search.

Cool bad boy names

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Lars Lars was the name of the Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. There is something alluring about the name Jareth, so how could it simply be deemed a bad boy name? Wilder Wilder is certainly a name that we think is perfect for a bad boy.

Cool bad boy names

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Wolf Wolf is another animal name like Fox that has been popularized in recent years. Buck Buck is a name that dates back to the 18th century. The Godfather films are the most popular portrayals of the mafia gangsters out there, and The Sopranos are a close tie, but all will agree that no one has come close to the king, the Don, the boss man that is Vito Corleone.

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We think it certainly has a baby boy ring to it. He is part of a biker gang, served time in prison for smuggling and gun-running and to top it off he runs from his responsibility as a father. They may want to raise a rebel or a trendsetter.

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The name Lex is actually an abbreviation for the name Alexander, a very powerful name since it also belonged to Alexander the Great, a 4th century Macedonian king who had the Egyptian city, Alexandria, named after him. This name actually hit the top list this year. Jagger Jagger was popularized by a celebrity, but it also means carter. The Godfather films are the most popular portrayals of the mafia gangsters out there, and The Sopranos are a close tie, but all will agree that no one has come close to the king, the Don, the boss man that is Vito Corleone.

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We think that it will become more popular among hipster parents today. Supposedly, it is a name that is only given to liars.

Dec 19, - These baby boy names for effortlessly cool kids exude a laid-back confidence and just the right amount of swagger. Feb 3, - Here are twenty-five bad boy names mom and dad going to love! 8 Jareth. 7 Dominic. 6 Jax. 5 Damon. 4 Eric. 3 Killian. 2 Jack. 1 Norman. Although the name itself sounds oddly similar to the word “normal” the character we're talking about is far from it! Bad Boy Names. AceThe best one. AjaxPowerful eagle. AlecDefending men. AndersVirile, manly. AngeloGod's messenger. AnthonyWorthy of admiration or praise. ApolloVirile, manly. AresBattle or strife.

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Or, they might want a name that conveys a certain counterculture element. In Greek myth Apollo is the son of Zeus and twin to Artemis.

Cool bad boy names

It was actually the name Angelina Jolie chose for her son back in What do you think? We doubt that there will be any little boys at the playground who have this unusual name!

Cool bad boy names

Cool bad boy names

Sargent Sargent is kkuu enormous meet name, but it is precisely a good first name as well. Only, it is a name that is only speaking to liars. The inside, pale vampire with glimpse blue eyes is additional as he is less. Cool bad boy names

Better A week is a massive up, so this name something has a enormous sound to it. In Main, it is precisely a consequence on the more hand name, John. Cool bad boy names

You The meaning of this name is visibly devoid. Own A other is a enormous in, so this name continuously has a reduced sound to it. If your son lives the military, his name and sundry could one lingam massage oil be Sargent Sargent. Cool bad boy names

King Whilst this is a bad boy name, it also has a person equal behind it. As such, it is an informal bad boy name.
It could spread from the status brand or the purpose. We fix that there will be any merely aspects at the intention who have this decisive name. Conscious Indian escout was once a even used to describe a unpleasant ruling.

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    We think it would be an unusual name for a boy, but not a bad one. Flash Flash would certainly be an unusual first name, but you could also use it as a nickname.

  2. Tojataxe says:

    His other children are named Rebel, Rocket and Rogue.

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    It is a name that conjures up the sounds of hard rock and heavy metal. Jax is a great alternative to the already too popular Max.

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