Feb 17, - In truth, while apparently helping, the enabler tends to have poor boundaries The enabling relationship, by definition, is all about compromise.

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Codependent enabler definition

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I am the mother of a thirty year old son who is abusing drugs and alcohol. Then, once detoxed, the patient is referred for drug rehab that can take many months of treatment. So, where exactly do you fall?

Codependent enabler definition

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One partner usually makes excuses for the other person and goes along behind them cleaning up their mess. The disorder was first identified about ten years ago as the result of years of studying interpersonal relationships in families of alcoholics. But, a person who is codependent will usually: The irony is their love and behavior towards him could lead to those very consequences.

Codependent enabler definition

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No matter what enablers do, problems continue to crop up and reoccur in their relationships. This means that the addict may become homeless while sleeping in shelters. The disorder was first identified about ten years ago as the result of years of studying interpersonal relationships in families of alcoholics.

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Responsibility for relationships with others needs to coexist with responsibility to self. One component of the behaviors called codependence is solving problems for other people that they could take care of themselves.

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Ignore their own morals or conscience to do what the other person wants. Woititz's Adult Children of Alcoholics had come out in and sold two million copies while being on the New York Times bestseller list for 48 weeks. If you have a loved one who is abusing drugs and alcohol one of the first things you can do is call either Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and find out where there are meetings for the families of abusers, and begin attending those meetings. You share a life together but you should have passions and interests outside of your marriage.


Often, there is imbalance, so one person is abusive or in control or supports or enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. In that case, the family must remain tough and not give in to the addict.

Nov 6, - Enabling behavior and codependency are often difficult concepts to in the person who is enabled and creates resentment in the enabler. Jump to Symptoms and behaviors - Codependency does not refer to all caring behavior or feelings, but only those that are excessive to an unhealthy. Mar 29, - One of the big misconceptions about codependency is that it's simply being super, duper nice. codependent relationship with a partner who refuses to play the part of rescuer and enabler. 12 Tell-Tale Signs That You're.

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But even if others suggest that the person is too dependent, a person in a codependent relationship will find it difficult to leave the relationship. Read More Does someone you love abuse drugs and alcohol?

Codependent enabler definition

A person who relies upon a codependent does not learn how to have an equal, two-sided relationship and often comes to rely upon another person's sacrifices and neediness. Unfortunately, this excessively care giving behavior tends to foster even more dependency on the part of the addict.

Codependent enabler definition

Codependent enabler definition

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    The irony is their love and behavior towards him could lead to those very consequences.

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    The existence of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Their extreme dedication to this one person may cause damage to:

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