Resistance Movement - A Special Ops Mission Mode challenge in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Squad Pack - Resistance - A customization pack in Call of.

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Cod mw3 resistance

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Take out the paired enemies on the right, then quickly down the enemy on the left before the two-man patrol with the hostage comes along. Now get closer to the square and shoot three opponents on the left they try to kill a prisoner. Unless you sprint, or stand up and jog, the enemy will be unaware of you.

Cod mw3 resistance

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Wait for the two soldiers to run past the door they are in the second group you engage later , and focus on the first group of soldiers consisting of two standing soldiers and one sitting soldier. Now start taking them down from left to right. Unless you sprint, or stand up and jog, the enemy will be unaware of you.

Cod mw3 resistance

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Get downstairs and move to the corridor on the right side and kill another guard. If you want you can press F button near hostage to take him with you. Get to a glitched spot on the map Outpost by jumping from the weapons crate onto the barrels infront of the plane's nose and into the plane.

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Wait for the escorting soldier to push the rebel away so all three hostile targets are close to one another before you kill him. Chaos Mode "Attempt to survive relentless attacks from enemies in the streets of Paris. Now start taking them down from left to right. The enemy past the pair of soldiers in the hallway moves from the left and occupies the area near the exit door.

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Continue along the only passage and behind the corner use pistol to kill two enemies. Rescue the Third Rebel[ edit ] The third hostage is being pursued by an attack dog and two soldiers.

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Go along the street and prepare your sight when you be near crossroad. Proceed a bit further down the street and the four NPCs will run from right to left. Rescue the First Rebel[ edit ] The first rebel is being escorted by two soldiers and are marching down the street.

Oct 18, - RESISTANCE Wave + Made Possible: YouTube™ Video: COD: MW3 Survival Wave + The Best SOLO Strategy for Resistance! Feb 26, - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wiki Guide. Table of Contents Resistance, Village, Interchange, Underground. 1 - Model - (10 enemies). Nov 10, - The GIGN face Spetsnaz in this medium sized map. Resistance is a bright map set in the Parisian district. There are both tight corners and long.

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Let these two focus on one area together. The player will start with a USP.

Cod mw3 resistance

That done head into small kitchen counter area and go prone. The Claymore Experts spawn in around wave

Cod mw3 resistance

Cod mw3 resistance

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    Wait until you see both soldiers and kill them quickly.

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    Prev Charges Set It's a typical sniper mission in which you have to be fast and precise.

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    The player will start with a USP.

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