Beard styles don't come much more classic than the chin strap. Follow our step by step guide to get your perfect chin strap beard. Read more at

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Chin strap beard styles

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High-quality trimmer and size guard numbers are very helpful in making minor details of the chinstrap beard. The key is to make sure that it complements the angles of your jaw and chin rather than detracting from them. The best way to style your chin strap is to have it professionally done, at least in the beginning.

Chin strap beard styles

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Trendy and Simple Chinstrap Beards Chinstrap beards are popular among all ages. Giving it the strapping appearance is even better to give your style a new lease of beauty. A good and easy to handle beard shapelier will ensure that you have an even finish. Before you give your beard a trim or a shave, let it grow to almost 1cm outwards.

Chin strap beard styles

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The beard line needs to complement the shape while accentuating your unique features. The decision on how thick should be centered on the shape of the face. Edge with the Precision TrimmerOn the back of all Fusion5 razors is a precision blade; use this to help define the chin strap shape and achieve clean edges. Growing and Maintaining the Chinstrap Beard Of all the types of beard to grow, the chinstrap is going to require the most maintenance in order to keep the look precise.


Once you have the initial form, you can trim it yourself using a sharp, durable beard trimmer. Then, lather up the parts of your face that you want to shave completely bare—the non-chin strap parts—with a shave gel.


For professional and organized appearance, regular trimming is necessary as it clears out all flaws of the shave. The facial hair pulls out from both sides of the face and extends to the jaw line.

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Tide up edges with good sharp razor or trimmer to achieve a clean appearance. Never use an electric shaver and prefer razor for flawless styling. This might be the perfect facial hair style to give you that new look you have been searching for.

Looking for a chinstrap beard to stand out? Here are 10 best chinstrap beard styles and also learn how to grow, shave and maintain like a pro. Beard styles don't come much more classic than the chin strap. Follow our step by step guide to get your perfect chin strap beard. Read more at A chinstrap beard defines masculinity without a struggle and does it well. Once you have decided you want a style on your facial hair, you have to keep it in.

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Thin sideburns and thin pencil chinstrap evenly extend from the jaw sides. Chinstrap beard style is equally beneficial for all age groups as you can maintain the size of sideburns, jaw line, and goatee according to your face shape while different variations can be made as per hairstyle needs.

Chin strap beard styles

Check for symmetry as you goBut be careful not to trim too much off in an effort to look even. I have faith in that.

Chin strap beard styles

Chin strap beard styles

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    Make sure that your beard and skin are clean and dry.

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