Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper, who sexually assaulted,† ?Frotteurism ∑†?Citizen X ∑†?Rostov Oblast ∑†?Enucleation of the eye.

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The same day Gromov's body was found, Chikatilo lured another year-old boy, Viktor Tishchenko, off a train at Kirpichnaya station, another station under surveillance from undercover police, and killed him in a nearby forest. He also has the willingness to work defensively. This individual was of average intelligence, likely to be married and to have fathered children, but also a sadist who suffered from impotence and could achieve sexual arousal only by seeing his victims suffer. According to the official protocol, Chikatilo confessed to 34 of the 36 murders police had linked to him, although he denied two additional murders committed in the police had initially believed he had committed:


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The murders themselves were an analogue to the sexual intercourse this individual was incapable of performing, and his knife became a substitute for a penis which failed to function normally. Kravchenko had a watertight alibi for the afternoon of 22 December: He exited to a standing ovation in the 65th minute.


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In response, Moyes referred to him as a "top goalscorer," and "a brilliant finisher. The plan was approved, and both the uniformed and undercover officers were instructed to question any adult man in the company of a young woman or child, and note his name and passport number. As he had no knife, Chikatilo mutilated the body with his teeth and a stick; [13] he also tore one nipple from Tkachenko's body with his teeth, before loosely covering her body with leaves, branches, and torn pages of newspaper.

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Chikatilo's penultimate victim, Viktor Tishchenko, was a physically strong youth. A search of Kravchenko's home revealed spots of blood on his wife's jumper: The operation was implemented on 27 October

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The operation was implemented on 27 October In an interview after his arrest, Chikatilo later recalled that after stabbing Yelena, the girl had "said something very hoarsely ", whereupon he strangled her into unconsciousness before throwing her body into the nearby Grushevka River. Between May and August, Chikatilo killed a further four victims, three of whom were killed in Rostov and Shakhty, [] although only two of these victims were linked to the killer.

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Investigators noted that the knife wounds inflicted upon this victim were similar to those inflicted on the victims linked to the manhunt and killed between and , but as the woman had been killed with a slab of concrete and had not been disemboweled, investigators were unsure whether to link this murder to the investigation. The response was negative. In many instances, particularly though not exclusively with his male victims, Chikatilo stated he would bind the victims' hands behind their back with a length of rope before he would proceed to kill them.

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Registered sex offenders were also investigated and, if their alibi was corroborated , eliminated from the inquiry. At the onset of puberty , Chikatilo discovered that he suffered from chronic impotence , worsening his social awkwardness and self-hatred. At the crime scene, the police had found numerous signs of a ferocious physical struggle between the victim and his murderer.


Chikatilo then bludgeoned her to death with a slab of concrete; her body was found on 6 April. At the time of his birth, Ukraine was in the grip of a famine caused by Joseph Stalin 's forced collectivization of agriculture. According to the official protocol, Chikatilo confessed to 34 of the 36 murders police had linked to him, although he denied two additional murders committed in the police had initially believed he had committed:



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    Further wounds found on the skull suggested the killer had attacked Biryuk from behind with the handle and blade of his knife.

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    Chikatilo performed his compulsory military service between and , [27] assigned first to serve with border guards in Central Asia , then to a KGB communications unit in Berlin.

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