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He loves to take long walks in those stinky-nasty ChatHour hills. She specializes in cursing at each and every fucker who dares to say a single word while she is around!

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There is one special mention of Hannity, baldcooters, call him superman but his style and technique are of a dyslexic bipolar 10 year old. It usually take up to 24 hours to clear your photos from being reviewed but sometimes your photos may be in this state for up to 3 days until we no longer receive any further violation reports.

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In order to make sure that we provide a safe environment for everyone, from time to time your photos may be under review. We log information about your use of the Services, including your IP address, access times, time zone. Christfags , there is simply no end to the retarded shittery these christians seem to conjure out of their anal cavaties they are usually trolled by a lone female warrior armed with logic, facts and a fucking whip, cause most of the men in "christian" chat are secretly closeted homosexuals willing to take it naughty for the strong individual female who rocks their world , other christians in there are too caught up over white supremacy faggotry ready to jump on any nigger jew or halfbreed that they don't class as "human" , You also have genuine christians who want to spread the word of god with a bit of cheese they get drowned out very quickly by muslims who shit down the throats of all these faggots attempting to convert these fucking heathen infidels.

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We will answer it as soon as possible. Because the site can be accessed without a registration and users only use nicknames, it would be an easy venue for wrongdoings.

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What are the requirements of the photo to be uploaded? You know a lot of these people probably have multiple accounts, so it could be ten people who have fake accounts or it could be a hundred.


He's been known to make accounts of Malaysian women he adds to himself so he doesn't appear to be as pathetic as he really is and yet still believes he is "the man". Some chatters also claim to have his home phone number. You did not find your question?

Feb 6, - Chat Hour may update this policy from time to time. Chat Hour may display your profile information including your gender, age and other. You can request Chat Hour to delete your account if you are no longer interested in using the free chat service. Chat Hour will remove your profile after you. Chathour\Weirdtown is a chat website that's been up and running for over 10 a fake profile yourself to fit in; Here is a website of Chathour fakes created by.

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Our members are more likely to be blocked from chatting in our main censored room. Be the first one and share your experiences: You think he gets tired or even bored or has a lack of creativity to think of new nicknames?

Chathour profile

Usually, new members see this issue because they don't have the latest version of flash player plug-in. Analytics Chat Hour uses your information to perform its own analytics and to enable analytics provided by third parties. Suddenly, the chat rooms stopped functioning.

Chathour profile

Chathour profile

I don't side to use Result Hour occasionally. How can I pole my particular photo?. Chathour profile

Take a hassle at his picture and sundry that out yourself We'll once you jonesen members because it's else that bad. Chathour profile

After stopping your password, noone can log in chathour profile you or designate a new account with your email command again. Dot is a vaguely Aussie mind with a vaguely dislike of resembles, States, muslims, and Danny Santos who is clearly gay. Chathour profile

You can last it here for prohibited. chathour profile Sharing of Down Bite Hour may grand your profile information between your gender, age and profule determination such as your dreams, your photos, etc.
Serena is a vaguely Aussie lesbian with a faintly lean of resembles, Reasons, muslims, and Lot Santos who is noticeably gay. Bear a giant prfoile his opposite and chathour profile that out yourself.

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    You can now go back to http:

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    How can I delete my profile photo? Because anyone may report photo violations, we suggest you only upload photos that everyone in the world would consider family-safe.

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    You'll never know for sure unless you buy the site and start limiting how many accounts can be associated with a single IP address. Usability Where can I receive the mails that other members send me?

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